Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 2nd October 2021 Arjun says to Diya let’s dance. She says I don’t want to dance. He says it will help you practice. Tina gets angry. She says Arjun Diya.. I forgot to ask you both.. Come let’s dance. She takes them to the dance floor. Niharika says to Tina see your to be husband is dancing with that middleclass girl. I feel so bad for you. Tine gets mad.

Arjun comes to Diya and says you good coordination on game. Focus on your footwork and show same coordination in court. They practice badminton. He says this dress looks good on you but better be strong and pretty on the court. Give proper shots with proper foot work. Tina comes ther. Arjun says nice.. Well done. That’s it. You are ready for tomorrow’s match. It’s more important for me than my wedding. Keep three things in mind, discipline, focus and hardwork. Tina says I will how you take this girl to the game.

Scene 2
Tine asks her guards to not let Arjun go out of the house. She says there should be guards outside each room. Niharika says Tina I feel so bad for you. So much stress before the wedding and Arjun is crazy after that girl. I mean.. He’s crazy after badminton. Tina says I won’t let anyone come between me and Arjun. I will see how Arjun takes her to the court.

Scene 3
The next day, everyoen goes for pooja. Diya’s mom does arti.

Arjun sends voice note to Diay and I know you have a ritual and you can’t eat. But you can’t skip meal otherwise you won’t be able to play. I know you’re going to start anew tonight but this match is as important as your wedding. This match will change your life. Diya hears it and says how will Arjun take me to play the match? This match is my dream but how will all this happen?

Scene 4
All preparations for the wedding are going on in Arjun’s house. Madhuri’s husband says go wake him up. Guests are here. Madhuri says he’s tired. He will get up. He says look at how he is. He keeps getting me embarrassed. He doesn’t care about this wedding and wants to take that girl to the match. Madhuri says Arjun won’t do any mistake today. She’s worried.

Diya’s rituals start as well. All women bless her. They take her photos and do the ritual. Madhuri does arjun’s ritual and says I have been with you in everything. Just listen to me one day. We are all scared you might leave your wedding to take that girl to the match. Please don’t do that. Promise me you won’t leave the house. Arjun touches her feet. Dadi says everything will happen for good. Always stay blessed. Arjun touches her feet. Arjun’s dad comes for the ritual. He stops him and leaves. His dad says I don’t know if you are happy or not with this wedding. But marrying you with Tina I am doing you good. I know you don’t understand this today and get me wrong but after a few years you will thank me.

Diya eats the food to start her fast. She says ma.. I can’t eat anymore. The woman says you can’t eat till evening. Diya recalls Arjun’s voice note. She says Arjun asked me to get most energy. She eats it all. Everyone is shocked. A woman says she’s eating so much. Her mom says you just said you can’t eat anymore.. Slow down. Diya eats it all. The woman says she’s eating like they won’t let her eat after the wedding.

Arjun says this tilak.. congrats.. saying good things.. Mr. Agarwal isn’t it too much? How do you pretend so much. Poison in heart and honey on face. Madhuri says Arjun don’t do all this today. It’s a ritual. He says I don’t want to do any ritual. People who bless me with their heart can do my tilak, rest of the people can leave. Mr. Agarwal says well said. You don’t leave any chance to bring me down. Arjun says yeah really. He says you don’t do the ritual if you don’t want to.. But today don’t do any new drama. He leaves. Diya finishes her food. She says in heart I don’t know what will happen today. How will Arjun manage it all.. 2 weddings.. one match.

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