Rishton Ka Manjha 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 3rd November 2021 Diya applies medicine on her burn and recalls Arjun being worried for her. Diya recalls meeting Arjun for the firs time. Diya recalls their wedding. Arjun comes and says what are you thinking? Diya says nothing. He says why are you being shy? She says no I am not.

He says show me your hand. He checks the medicine and says is that how you apply it? Sit. Arjun takes her hand and applies the medicine. Arjun says did you eat last night? She says yes. I did. He says you so you got hungry again? A sportsman should eat in limit. You are always eating. Control your hunger. These paratha burgets. Diya says no. He doesn’t listen to me.

Diya says I only ate a samosa. Depika says Diya come the breakfast is ready. Diya says we are coming. Arjun says only you. I eat in my room. He says I am going to market to get gym equipment. Diya asks Depika why doesn’t Arjun eat with everyone? She says I will tell you.

Scene 2
Arjun meets Ramu kaka. He gives him a gift for their reception. He says Karan is planning a tournament. He’s planning to defeat Diya in it. Arjun says I won’t let her lose.

Depika says don’t be shy. Eat full. Love says who asked you to bring her here? SHe can’t eat with us. Depika says she’s this house’s DIL. Ambitabh says no. She’s Arjun’s wife by mistake. Everyone can thank her for saving Arjun but I won’t. She’s a curse in Ajrun’s life. It happened because of her. Don’t try to do this drama with me. Tina says uncle how can you blame Diya for the accident? She saved Arjun’s life. Ambitabh says Guru ji is always right. She’s a curse for Arjun. I can’t eat with her. He picks his food. Diya stops him and says papa please don’t throw food. God gets mad. Diya leaves.

Scene 3
Diya recalls Mira saying you have to win their hearts. Depika brings her food. She says missing your parents right? Depika says these tears don’t look good in your eyes. Give papa ji sometime. Like maa has started liking you, papa would too. Diya says did maa say anything? Depika says Maa sent this poori. Diya says can I get your phone? Diya calls Arjun and says did you eat anything? He says why are you asking? Diya says can’t you answer directly? She says you left without eating. He says don’t like typical wives. I don’t like it. You control your hunger. She says yeah I won’t eat calories.

Arjun looks for training equipment online. He says I should get from the shop. I can use money from my savings but there should be no compromise in Diya’s training.

Scene 3
Diya comes to the kitchen and says Bannu take it. The pan catches fire. Diya shouts bannu. Depika comes and says bannu you were asleep? Are you crazy? Diya says to Depika come with me please. She goes to Arjun’s room. Depika says what are you doing? Diya says I can’t let Arjun’s life be ruined. Depika says Arjun doesn’t like anyone in his room when he isn’t there. Tina hears it.

Tina comes to Madhuri and says Diya went to Arjun’s room. Depika told her he doesn’t like anyone in his room in his absence. Still she went inside. I didn’t expect this from her. I thought she cares for Arjun after yesterday. Niharika says if she cared, she won’t have ignored Guru ji’s words. Madhuri says let me see.

Diya looks for something. Depika says Arjun will be really mad. Diya says we have to look for it. Depika says he will be really mad. Diya says take my name. Niharika says she must be planning to shift to Arjun’s room. Tina says if she does that I will turn everyone against her. Madhuri goes towards Arjun’s room.

Diya asks Depika have you ever seen him keep it anywhere? MAdhuri says I have no idea. Hurry up please. He gets really mad. Diya says I found it. Madhuri comes there. Diya and Depika are shocked to see her. Diya takes out Arjun’s bottles.

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