Rishton Ka Manjha 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


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Rishton Ka Manjha 4th October 2021 Diya practices. Shobha says to Diya what are you doing? She says resting here. Shobha says all guests are coming. we will get you ready for the haldi. I will miss you a lot. All the fun that we had together, I will miss you a lot. I will cry on your bidai. Diya says it will ruin your make up. They laugh.

Madhuri asks Depika are all haldi preps done? She says yes. Madhuri says someone needs to go to the temple. Depika says I can do there. Dadi says I will also go. Madhuri says no maa you will get tired. Depika says to Love I got your clothes ready for haldi. I am going to the temple. He says i know what should I wear I don’t need your help. He leaves.

Scene 2
Diya’s haldi starts. Everyone does the rituals. Love says on call what news paper? He asks the maid to bring the newspaper. Love says on call I didn’t see it. Let me check. Niharika says what is he upto? She asks you look worried. He asks where is papa? Niharika says papa is busy in meeting. Is this news related to Arjun’s wedding? Are there pictures? He says see the picture. It’s Arjun’s picture with Diya.

Scene 3
Diya does arti with her parents. Niharika reads Arjun Agarwal was with someone else on his sangeet. She says this news must be viral. Everyone must be talking about it. Tina will be so worried. Tina’s dad comes and says where is Ambitabh? Love says he’s in a meeting. He says look at this paper. Everyone is tlaking. They will make fun of my daughter that I gave my daughter to a cheater? Madhuri asks is Tina ready? When did you come? He says did you read the paper? MAdhuri says what is it love? Arjun and Tina’s photo? Niharika shows her. Madhuri drops the arti.

Arjun’s man tells him Karan has prepared everything. No one can go inside. Arjun says I will take Diya from there. Just stay with Diya I will go with her. I know it won’t be easy. Just keep updating me.

Madhuri says she’s so shameless. How did she come here? Niharika says Arjun must have brought her. Sanjeev says Arjun cares more about her than Tina? Am I doing wrong by getting Tina married to Arjun? Tina says they were practicing in the backyard. Madhuri says why didn’t you stop them? She says I didn’t want more drama. I invited Diya but not to practice with Diya. Love says this means Arjun is still thinking he will take her to the court. Madhuri says I can’t tolerate all this. I should talk to Diya. Tina says she provoked Arjun against us. We have to be careful. Arjun can’t leave the house today.

Scene 4
Arjun says I need to warn Diya. He calls her. Madhuri coms and says what are you doing? Who are you calling? A special friend? Arjun says no one. Madhuri says what are you doing here then? Come downstairs. He says maa I will come. Madhuri says you practiced with her in the backyard? It was your mistake. He says how do you know? Madhuri says see your photo with her in newspaper. This can ruin our family name. We can’t show our face to anyone. She cries and leaves. Arjun says ma listen.. she leaves. Arjun says if Diya’s family finds out it will be a huge problem.

Tona gets ready for haldi. She recalls Arjun dancing with Diya. Dadi and Depika bring Arjun there. Tina dances with the girls. Dadi does Arjun’s haldi. Amitabh does their arti. Sanjev says when your mother was gone I thought every morning to let you not feel her absence. Could I be a good dad? She says you are the best. I wish no one gets a papa like you cause you’re my only. He hugs her and says I love you. God bless you. Madhuri does Arjun’s haldi with Depika. Arjun also applies it on depika and Madhura’s face.

Amitabh stand on the side. He asks Madhuri did you question him about the photo? She says yes I did. He says I also need to talk to him. The way he behaves with me, during the tilak he insulted me. I can’t take it anymore. He says Love, keep an eye on Arjun. He shouldn’t leave the house.

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