Rishton Ka Manjha 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Rishton Ka Manjha 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Rishton Ka Manjha 8th January 2022 Madhuri brings Pihu upstairs. She says what was Arjun saying? You stole my jewelry? People have blamed you here before but they were wrong. Tell me Arjun is wrong and it’s a lie. Pihu says sorry maa. I got a big greedy. I’ve never seen such expensive gold. I was worried for my parents after losing the trophy. I thought I can sell it and give that money to my parents and place fake here.

Madhuri is about to slap here. Madhuri says Arjun was right. This is your real face. It was all yours. I accepted you with all my heart. If you wanted anything you could ask me. I considered you my daughter. You could discuss with me. I am ashamed to call you the DIL of this house. She leaves. Depika says I can’t believe you’re the same girl. You never deserved Arjun and our love. They all leave. Pihu laughs.

Niharika gives phone to Pihu. It’s Tina. She says well done Diya. Are you happy now? Pihu called Tina and said you did right by replacing the real gold with fake. I will send Diya there. Tina says so as per our deal you did your work. I sent you back home. Tina told Diya you’re going back home. You have to do what I say. If you act oversmart your dad.. Diya said my dad? Where is he? Tina said I abducted him.

If you act smart your dad won’t be okay. I know how much you love him. Tina laughs on call and says do as I say. Pihu did half of the work. Everyone hates you. Make sure Arjun divorces you in the next 5 days and then you can take your dad. Give phone to Niharika now. Diya cries. Niharika says to Tina well done. Thanks for giving me a chance and trusting me again. This time our plan would work. Tina says Diya is very smart. You’ve to stay alert. Don’t leave Diya and Arjun alone.

Scene 2
Arjun breaks his tennis racket in anger. Madhuri comes to him. He says do you want to defend Diya again? She says I am equally hurt. She accepted that she stole. My heart can’t believe. Arjun says yeah you must have felt bad. Your favorite DIL did this. Madhuri says don’t be mad at me. I did for you. I am your mom, I wanted your happiness. He says you couldn’t know what my real happiness is. Diya is the worst mistake of my life. Her pain, her dream, her happiness, I made it all mine. Please leave me alone. Madhuri leaves.

Niharika says to Diya don’t try to act smart or do anything. Diya recalls her marriage. She recalls coming to that house. Diya says why God? Why are you doing this to me? I never asked for anything. Then you brought Arjun to my life. He gave me everything I wanted. His love, his support, this house, this family.

Scene 3
Kush says Diya was something else before the camp and she’s different now. This is unbelievable. Depika says yes but she accepted herself that she did it for money. She’s changed. She’s not the Diya we liked. Kush says how can someone change in 7 days like that? Is she under some pressure? Is there anything we can’t see?

Depika says Arjun’s happiness was more important than my everything. I will question you today. You took my support, my happiness from me. Depika says if there was a problem she could share it with Arjun. Niharika says she’s greedy. Her reality is out. I always had doubts on her. You always took her side Kush.

Kush says you were also wrong. Kush says he’s still taking her side. Depika leaves too. Diya says my dad.. Arjun.. I can’t see them in trouble. I will never forgive Tina. She cries. Niharika calls Tina and says everyone is against Diya. Tina says where is Diya? There should be no mistake. Niharika says I am outside her room. Always keeping an eye on her.

Diya picks her phone and calls Mira. Mira says what? I don’t feel like talking to you. Why did you hurt Arjun? Diya says where is baba? She says he’s gone for his work. He is very mad at you. Diya says how do I tell maa the truth. How will she handle herself.

Scene 4
Diya comes to Ajrun. He can’t stand. Diya holds him. She cries.


Rishton Ka Manjha 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Diya says I can’t give up like this. I should talk to Arjun and tell him the truth. I have to get baba out of Tina’s detention. Diya says to Arjun I wanna talk to you. Niharika is there.


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