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Rishton Ka Manjha 9th October 2021 Arjun says give this threat to someone else. Arjun says the politian you’re talking about, many of them come to my house. Ask him who I am. Arjit says youd on’t know me. It was my mistake that I let you live that day. Come out, I will cut you into pieces. Arjun says did you see his reality? Will you marry Diya to this goon now? Mohan is shocked. Arjit’s friend says look at this photo. The entire city is talking about this girl and this guy. Arjun is shocked.

Scene 2
Madhuri says why did you let this happen God? Why is badminton and that girl so important that Arjun didn’t even care about us? He was coming on right track. HE was away from badminiton. He used to drink and make a mess but stayed away from badminton that ruined his life. Please bring him back before the wedding time. Tina is the hope in his life. Please bring him back.
Dadi says Arjun won’t do anything that would shame us. Madhuri says Tina should have taken us with him.

Arjit’s sister says first see your daughter’s character before pointing at us. This Diya is playing another game in the name of badminton. Arjun says we were also practicing for badminton. They say we can see what’s between you two. Diya says baba they are lying. We were only practicing for the match. Arjit’s family says let’s go. We won’t marry this characterless girl. Arjun says don’t say a word about Diya. Sadhna says we will see who will marry your daughter now. These rich guys only use girls and you know what such girls are called in the society.

Scene 3
Tina’s car breaks. Tina is upset. Niharika says don’t worry. He will come home. Tina says I promised Madhuri I won’t let Arjun take that girl to that match. I will keep him away from badminton. I want Arjun at any cost on my condition. I can’t share Arjun even with badminton. Tina gets a taxi.

Arjit and his family leave. Diya cries says Arjit please listen.. We were only practicing. Kaki says you have ruined our name. You have ruined your life. Arjun says how can you accuse your daughter over a photo? And no one is seeing that man’s reality? Mira says please go away from our lives. You’ve ruined everything.

The guests ask Love where is Amitabh? He says some time is left. So dad is busy with preps. Deepika says maa please rest. Don’t take so much stress. Madhuri says how can I? Arjun will go to that match. Everything is at stake. Dadi says even if he goes to match h can come back. Deepika says let me check your BP. Madhuri says I don’t want to. Leave me alone please. Dadi says please take deep breaths. Madhuri says you shouldn’t have done this Arjun.

Diya cries and says baba I never broke your trust. Mira says we kept telling you keep this guy and badminton away from your life. Everything is over. How many people would you clarify to? Your badminton’s craze ruined my daughter’s life Arjun. It’s easy for you. You can go home and get married. What about my daughter? Who will marry her? Why would you care. Mohan falls.. He faints. Diya cries. She says baba get up please. Arjun says uncle are you okay? Let me call a doctor. Mohan stops Arjun’s hand.

Scene 4
Tina is on her way with Niharika.

Mohan says I am not worried about myself but Diya. Forgive me Ajrun. I got you wrong. I was getting my daughter married to such a bad man. Her life would have been ruiend. I thank you for saving my daughter. You saved me as well. People will talk about this photo and Diya’s character. Diya cries. Mohan says my Diya will be defamed in the whole society. Diya says don’t think all this papa. I don’t care what the world thinks. I only care about you. She cries. Mohan hugs her. Diya says papa you get better after that.. Kaki says after that what? Girls are like sand. They slip out of hands. You all are responsible for this. There is nothing between you two? I can see everything.

We are not idiots. Is this badminton only? couldn’t you find a lamer story? Diya says Arjun is only my friend and trainer. Kaki says you still can speak back? Your daughter is so shameless. I don’t think Arjit was wrong. every guy has some shortcomings. All contractors talk like that. What’s such a big deal? Shobha says what are you saying maa? Didn’t you see how he spoke? She says you stay quiet. Arjit was marrying her at least. Who will marry this characterless girl now?

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