Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 13th January 2022 Gehna requests Anant to listen to her once. Anant says she broke his trust, it would have been better if she had broken their relationship as relationship can be refixed but not trust. Tia requests Anant to listen to Gehna once. Kanak tells Gehna that her proof will not prove her right. Bapuji warns her to shut her mouth and asks Gehna to show the proof.

Gehna calls Dr. Abhay and requests him to inform her family he is treating her and she didn’t hire any other doctor to fake her report. Abhay tells Anant that Gehna is his patient and kept her treatment secret to give him a surprise, she loves him immensely. Gehna relaxes hearing that. Abhay further says if her pone speaker is off, did her family find out about their affair.

Rasika snatches phone and says her sin is out. Abhay thinks he will get his Kajal at any cost. Anant tells Gehna that he is tired of her lies. Gehna gets aggressive, breaks water bottle, and threatens Kanak to tell truth. Hema shouts to save Kanak from Gehna. Kanak pleads to save her and her baby. Family catches Gehna and ties her down.

Anant with Bapuji and Sapan shifts Gehna to a hospital where a doctor treats her and says she got a panic attack and should be kept under observation. Gehna wakes up and panics more seeing herself in a hospital. Doctor tells Anant that he performed Gehna’s tests and she seems to be either taking some medicine or under mental trauma. Anant informs that they lost their baby recently.

Doctor suggests a psychological treatment for Gehna and shifting her to a psychiatric healthcare facility. Gehna gets tensed hearing that. Anant says he can’t send her to a healthcare facility. Sapan says they need to find out if Gehna has anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Anant says he wants Gehna to be treated at home. Nurse informs that Gehna is not in her room. Gehna is seen on terrace trying to commit suicide.

Kanak’s puppet doctor treats her and tells Pankaj that both her and her baby are fine. Kanak acts as afraid and says she didn’t know Gehna would harm her. Pankaj goes to see off doctor. Hema brings milk for her. Kanak asks her to press her legs. Baa and Rasika walk in. Kanak continues her acting. Rasika says Gehna wold have killed Kanak today. Baa asks her to rest and leaves. Hema murmurs if Gehna is really having an affair with her doctor. Kanak says why should they bother.

Anant rushes to Gehna and requests her to get down Gehna requests not to believe anyone as they are all lying and don’t send her to mental hospital. Anant promises and requests her to get down. Gehna gets down and hugs him tightly emotionally. Nurse injects her from behind and makes her fall asleep. Bapuji tells Anant its better to send Gehna to healthcare facility for her betterment. Anant agrees. They return back home. Kanak yells that Gehna killed her own baby and deserves to be in healthcare facility. Bapuji warns her not to say that.

Anant worried for Gehna tries to leave to find out if Gehna had food or not. Baa stops her and says its good that Gehna left this house, she will not let her return back. Krishna asks how can she say that to her bahu. Baa says Gehna betrayed her husband and is having an affair with a doctor. Bapuji warns her to stop.

Baa shouts back she will not stop and orders Anant that Gehna’s story from this house has ended and she is dead for everyone, so he should forget Gehna and move on. Anant says its not possible, he will go to Gehna. Baa threatens to perform her shraad/last rights and he will see her dead face if he goes. Anant stops and pleads her not to say that. Kanak and Hema grin seeing that.

Abhay disguised as mental healthcare facility doctor visits Gehna and sends nurses out to perform her checkup. Gehna subconsciously murmurs Anantji. Abhay breaks her mangalsutra angrily and asks why not Abhay, then calm down and says she is a woman who lives for others and can sacrifice herself, he loves her for her same qualities, she will lead a new life with him as Kanak and hence Gehna has to die. He picks electric shock machine and thinks this treatment will erase Gehna’s memories and she will take only his name and not Anant’s.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna fails to identify Anant.Anant asks why did she change her dress, hairstyle, and mangalsutra. Gehna asks who is he. He says he is her husband. She says her husband is someone else.


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