Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th July 2022 Surya brings cake to celebrates Suhani’s birthday. Suhani ignores him. Surya says she should have celebrated if Sikandar had brought cake for her. Suhani shouts at him to get out.

Kartik with Shreya and Sarika walk in wishing her happy birthday and cuts cake with her. Suhani happily feeds cake to them. Sarika says they will go now. Suhani pleads them not to return to Gehna and stay back with her.

Sarika says they can’t let the person alone who sent them here. Shreya says Gehna’s haldi and wedding ceremony will start in some time, she requested them to celebrated Suhani’s birthday and hence they came here.

Once they walk away, Suhani shouts that Gehna sent her family members to wish her birthday, why did she herself come. Surya asks why would she come as she is not related to him anymore and leaves wishing her happy birthday again. Suhani angrily throws away his brought cake.

Gehna’s haldi ceremony starts in the evening. Shreya and others perform rituals on Gehna while Surya silently watches from a distance. Agasyta brings haldi for Gehna. Gehna walks towards Surya and slips. Surya holds her.

Haldi gets smeared on her cheek. Gehna thanks him for performing the ritual and asks him to inform Urmila that Gehna accepted defeat and is going from the house, she can get back all her family members back and give some motherly love to Surya, etc.

Surya holds her. Agastya walks to them and asks Surya if he doesn’t mind, can he talk to his wife privately. Surya says she is not yet his wife and leaves from there.

Agastya tells Gehna that judge has pronounced his judgement. Gehna says what is the use of the papers when Surya already decided to divorce her. Agastya says they are lawyers and know what it means.

Gehna asks if he trusts her. Agastya says yes. Gehna assures that Surya will not do anything. Surya feels happy realizing there is one chance to stop Gehna and Agastya’s marriage He meets his lawyer and asks him to stop his divorce proceedings somehow. Lawyer says its Saturday today and Surya has to wait till Monday. Surya returns home disappointed. He falls asleep and wakes up shooting Gehna’s name after getting nightmare about Gehna.

Next day, Gehna’s sangeet ceremony starts. Rajesh and Dimpy dance on Kyun Aage Peeche Dekhte Ho Besabron Ki Tarah.. song. Everyone claps for them. Surya gets lost watching Gehna.
Shakuni alerts him and asks him to get water for her. Sarika and Shreya dance on Mere Haathon Me Nau Nau choodiya hain.. song. Gehna and Agastya join them. Surya breaks juice glass watching them dancing together. Shakuni performs his first-aid while Surya continues to look at Gehna.

Mehandi artist draws mehandi on Gehna’s hands. Surya asks Gehna to come aside as he needs to talk. Gehna says there is no need to get up for that. Surya says not in front of everyone. Gehna walks to him and says tomorrow is her wedding and she cannot talk to an stranger man in front of her in-laws. He asks if he is a stranger to her. She says he is her ex-husband and they are no more related to each other, so he can speak in front of every.

Agastya says its okay and permits Gehna. Surya says can we go now. Gehna asks him to request. He rudely requests. She says she didn’t hear. He says he doesn’t want to talk to her. She says so much anger is not good for him and asks where shall she come. He says on terrace and leaves.

Gehna follows him and asks what he wants to say. He says whatever she wants to hear and asks her not to marry Agastya. Gehna says she is eager to listen to him, he should tell it with right. Surya says he cannot forget her misbehaving with his mother, she cannot live with his mother and he cannot leave his mother, so she can marry Agastya and move on. Gehna asks if hhe can see her marrying Agastya?


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suhani says this marriage cannot happen. Agastya says her game is over, she cannot harm Gehna or stop her marriage. Surya claims that he will not let this marriage happen as Gehna belongs to only him.


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