Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th June 2022 Surya apologizes Gehna for whaever happened today and says let us not spoil the special day and cut the cake.

Gehna cuts her birthday cake while everyone claps. She feeds cake to Surya and then to Raju and Dimpy. They both wish her happy birthday and bless her. She then feeds cake to Kaddu bua and takes her blessings.

She feeds cake to Suhani next who asks not to be so happy as someone is returning. Sikandar enters singing happy birthday to you. Everone are shocked to see him. Surya asks what is he doing here. Sikandar says how can he be absent at a function at home. He asks Surya if he forgot his elder brother so soon.

He then wishes happy birthday to Gehna and claps for her. He brings Shreya and says it her birthday gift. Kaddu bua asks if she had been to meet Kartik. Sikandar says how can he perform graha pravesh without his better half and asks Shreya to wish her best friend. Shreya wishes happy birthday to Gehna and hugs her.

Gehna asks if Karthik is fine. Shreya says yes. Gopi asks Gehna if Sikandar was in jail. Sikandar thanks Suhani for getting him out of jail on a bail. Suhani says she has appealed court and he will be proven innocent soon. Sarika searches for Arjun and asks Sikandar if Arjun didn’t come. Sikandar stands silent.

Sikandar addresses everyone that they think him as a criminal, but he came today to prove himself innocent. He says his younger brother Surya and Gehna don’t trust him, but he has changed and soon the wounds they suffered because of him will heal.

He apologizes Gehna. She gives him a tight slap, stunning everyone. Sikandar gets angry. Gehna says some wounds don’t heal, a snake will never stop biting, hence Sikandar’s drama won’t work on her. Suhani tries to stop her. Gehna declares that if Sikandar stays in this house, she will not stay here. Suhani asks why she started a new drama now.

Gehna tells Surya that she cannot forgive Sikandar and hence will leave this house. Surya says even he will accompany her and walks towards door. Sikandar pleads him not to go and says he has really changed. Surya says mistakes are forgiven but not sins. He reminds him all the sins and says he will never change.

Sikandar says even god gives a second chance and asks him to hug and forgive him. Surya says he is not god and calling him by name says his brother is dead and he will not forgive a criminal. Suhani pleads Surya to return her son to her. Surya says her son is right in front of her. Suhani says she needs her both sons. Surya says she is kind hearted to forgive a murderer, but he can’t.

Suhani says she saw Sikandar changing and acts as collapsing saying she needs her both sons. Surya gets worried for her, sprinkles water on her face, wakes her up, and asks if she is fine now. Suhani pleads him again to forgive Sikandar.

Surya gives up and agrees. He tells Sikandar that he has 15 days to prove that he has changed and if he fails, he himself will send Sikandar back to jail or else himself and Gehna will leave the house.

Gehna feels upset seeing the drama. Gopi asks her to maintain her calmness. Gehna says she is worried for the family and Shreya. Gopi says god will help her. Suhani hears their conversation and asks Gehna if she liked the gift. She says she is very happy to see her son back home.

Gopi says he is out on bail. Suhani say soon he will proven innocent. Gehna says he will go back to jail. Suhani angrily tries to slap her. Gopi holds her hand and warns her not to do such stunts on old age. Gehna says soon she will give return gift to Suhani. Gopi says which will lose Suhani’s conscience.

Suhani says let’s see. Gopi tells Gehna that she is very tired now and needs to sleep. Gehna asks Suhani to go and sleep if she can. Suhani thinks don’t know they both are up to and she should alert Sikandar.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna tells Suhani that she got a return gift for her and calls Urmila. Suhani is shocked to see Urmila.


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