Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th July 2021 Hema praises Kanak for her conspiracies against Gehna. Pankaj enters room and seeing Hema warns her not ot involve Kanak in her evil plans as Kanak is out of it. Kanak says she came to talk about Tia. Pankaj leaves. Hema thanks Kanak for saving her. Kanak says she is yet to drop bing thunderstorms on Gehna. Gehna works in kitchen reminiscing Baa’s bitter words. Krishna walks to her with bags. She asks if he is going from Surat. He says he is not as his plays are here, he is going for trekking and explains its meaning.

Gehna asks if he accepted defeat easily. He says she cannot understand him, earlier she stopped his marriage and now stopping him from leaving her house. He says she is not, Tia doesn’t love him and hence he should try to win her heart; they made a mistake by not knowing what is in Tia’s mind and should correct their mistake. He asks what they should do. She says she knows and beating thali gathers family in living room. Baa asks her why is she beating thali. Gehna says Kanak gave one good news earlier and now she will give one good news. She makes them sit and says after thinking much, she decided that Tia and Krishna should get a chance to know each other. She shows trekking camp pamphlet and says they should send Tia and Krishna to trekking camp to know each other better; if Krishna cannot make his way in Tia’s heart, he will at least help her forget Sagar’s bitter incident. Kanak yells its wrong to send a boy and girl together. Gehna says there will be other people also present. Paresh says he didn’t like Gehna’s idea. Gehna holds Baa’s hand and requests her to approve her idea. Baa walks away.

Kanak says Gehna angered Baa more with her idea and asks Krishna to leave. Krishna walks towards door holding his bag looking at everyone. Kanak says she cannot believe that Gehna gave such a shameless idea of sending a boy and girl out together before marriage, Baa is more angry now, asks Krishna to leave. Krishna walks towards door when Baa stops him and asks Tia if she wants to give Krishna one more chance by going out with him and understanding him. Tia asks if she doesn’t have any problem with it. Baa says nobody thought about Tia in this house till now, but Gehna did; she is angry on Gehna that she didn’t inform her about Sagar’s heinous plan and Krishna’s love for Tia beforehand, but she wants Tia to take her own decision. She apologizes Krishna for scolding him earlier. Krishna says she doesn’t mind elder’s scolding. Bapuji says he can’t believe Baa changed. Paresh brings laddus to celebrate. Tia joins him. Baa hugs and pampers Tia. Zindagi mere ghar aanaa.. song.. plays in the background. Paresh asks when are they going for trekking. Krishna says plan is for today. Baa asks Tia to get ready soon.

Kanak in her room fumes remembering Baa’s changed behavior and angrily tries to close door when Hema enters with mop and broom and says its their future. Kanak imagines Gehna ordering them to work like maids and scolds her. Baa backs Gehna. Out of imagination, Hema says Gehna has blindfolded whole family and soon will rule over them. Kanak thinks Gehna took a big step and it will backfire on her.

Gehna before seeing off Krishna and Tia tells Tia that Baa proved her morning thinking and suggests her to enjoy the loving moments as they are the best in a girl’s life. Tia tells Anant that Gehna did so much for them and she is smiling because of her, so he should give Gehna the happiness she deserves. Anant asks her not to worry about here as he is there to handle any situation. Once they leave, Gehna gets busy in kitchen. Anant walks to her and seeing a flour on her hair clears it. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Cooker whistle blows. Gehna gets alert and asks if he needs anything. He asks same and says she helped the family and he wants to give her something. She thinks she needs his love and says a special day is coming and he should think well and inform what it is. He leaves. She thinks she is waiting for a day when their lives changed, their wedding anniversary, she will do something that will change her from Anant’s friend to a life partner. Kanak hearing her murmuring thinks she is also Kanhaji’s favorite and was waiting for a chance, she got a chance to make Gehna cry her whole life.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anant tells Gehna that day is very special for them both and he is also dreaming about the special day, he will fulfill her dream and he loves her, etc.


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