Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 1st July 2021 Dashrath asks Lakhani/Krishna how did he find out about Sagar. Krishna gets nervous. Anant tells Gehna that they will be caught now. Gehna asks Krishna not to get nervous. Krishna says he selected Sagar among 1000s for his niece and shows his fake niece’s pic. Bhavani says girl looks beautiful like an angel. Krishna gives 1 lakh rs as shagun. Sagar says he doesn’t want to marry. Dashrath takes him aside and says he is his father and knows he is acting, he will get 5-10 lakhs from Desai’s, but if he marries Lakhanis, he will get crores. Sagar asks how will they reject Desai family’s proposal. Dashrath says he will handle them, walks back to Krishna and says he will have sweets first and then exchange shagun. Krishna relaxes and leaves. Anant says their plan is successful.

Bhavani returns to Desai House and tries to speak to Baa. Dashrath enters and says she shouldn’t hesitate and tells Baa and Bapuji that even Tia’s decision matters. Bapuji asks him to be specific. Dashrath says Sagar is mentally unstable now and is unable to take care of Tia, so this marriage will not happen. Kanak gets tensed and says if this marriage doesn’t happen, Tia will be blamed and questioned. Baa says even they were not comfortable with this marriage, but why Dashrath doesn’t want this marriage. Kanak says Sagar applied sindhoor in Tia’s hairline. Dashrath says as Gehna told, Sagar was childish. Bapuji asks Tia’s opinion. Tia says she neither agrees nor denies for this marriage, but is afraid that Sagar will react negatively. Bhavani says Sagar himself doesn’t want to marry and calls Sagar. Sagar says he doesn’t to marry. Dashrath gets happy hearing that. Sagar then holds his moustache and asks if he wants to say only this or something else. Dashrath warns him to control his tongue. Sagar continues his childish acting and tells Tia that this old couple forced him to deny to marry her. Pandit walks in. Sagar signals him. Pandit says he mistakenly selected wedding date after 1 week, but actual date is after 2 days. Kanak gets happy and says they will make wedding arrangements. Sagar smirks.

Anant, Gehna, and Krishna discuss that Sagar must have threatened pandit. Krishna says there is some big conspiracy behind this. Dashrath slaps Sagar and asks why did he insult him. Sagar says he took money and promised someone to handover Tia after marrying her, then Dashrath can get him married to whoever he wants to. Dashrath gets happy hearing that. Sagar gets tensed seeing Tia hearing their conversation. His phone rings. Tia walks away fuming. Anant tells Gehna and Krishna that Sagar is failing all their plans, so he will visit Jamnagar and find out Sagar’s evil deeds. He informs family that he is going out of station for job interview. Bapuji asks if he will not attend Tia’s wedding. Anant says its an important interview. Tia asks him to return soon. Kanak thinks how can Anant go just 2 days before Tia’s wedding, there is something wrong and hopes her plan doesn’t fail. Gehna gets emotional. Sagar says he is relaxed as she and Krishna are there to hanle the situation here. Gehna gives him tiffin. Krishna gives him fake moustache and beard to use in Jamnagar. Sagar thinks he needs to find out if Tia heard his conversation and tries to meet Tia. Gehna stops him and says he cannot meet Tia before marriage as its abshagun/inauspiciousness.

Next morning, Gehna wakes up and rushes to Tia’s room. Sagar walks to Tia to find out if she heard his conversation. Tia says Gehna told they cannot meet before marriage. Gehna enters and calling Sagar scolds him for not keeping an eye on Sagar. Krishna says he was busy as his play’s heroine left the play, asks Tia will she become his play’s heroine. Gehna asks how can Tia help him. Krishna insists, and Tia agrees. Sagar gets Suman’s call and he walks away. Gehna thinks who is this Suman. Anant visits a pan shop and asks its owner about Sagar and his family. Owner says they are Jamnagar’s biggest goons and nobody will talk about their heinous acts, there is a biggest one related to Suman. Gehna walks down the stairs thinking she needs to ask Sagar who Suman is. Suman enters Desai House. Sagar drags her away. She threatens that he cannot marry someone else as she is carrying his baby. He twists her hand and threatens to kill her. Gehna hears her shouting.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna calls Anant and asks if he is fine. Anant says he is outside Suman’s house. Goons kidnap him. Gehna tells Krishna that she is worried that something wrong happened to Anant. Baa hears that and asks what happened to Anant.


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