Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 20th July 2021 Paresh hurriedly tries to steal prasad laddus when Anant walks to him thinking which special day Gehna was talking about. Paresh gets nervous and blabbers he was keeping laddus for Kanhaji. Anant asks which special day is coming. Gehna walks to him and asks if he needs anything. He says no and leaves nervously. Gehna realizes he wants to know about the special day. Anant passes by Pankaj and Chetan playing cards and asks if there any special day upcoming. Pankaj pulls out ghulam/jack card. Anant thinks if Gehna wants to make him her ghulam and imagines himself as ghulam with Joru Ka Ghulam.. song playing in the background. Chetan pulls king card. Anant imagines himself as king with Azeemoshan Shahinsha.. song playing in the background. Pankaj pulls joker card. Anant imagines himself as joker next and asks if he is talking about joker card. Pankaj asks if he thought he called him a joker. Anant leaves. Gehna carrying flowers thinks about their upcoming wedding anniversary.

Anant clashes wit her and hoolds her. Their eyes lock and they imagine their similar first meeting. Anant gets alert and tells Gehna that he remembers now and holding her hand takes her along to their room and says he knows the day she is talking about is very special to them; he never thought they would reach till her and think about this day; she had dreamt about this day and even he is dreaming about it and promises to fulfill her dream; he says I love you Gehna and says in a few days her LLB studies will start. Gehna gets out of imagination and asks if he was thinking about her studies. He says yes. She thinks as per her imagination, will Anant really say her I love you. He says he will drop and pick her up from college as she doesn’t know to drive car. She says she will go by herself. He says its his responsibility. Gehna gets disappointed. Gehna thinks Anant is right and she should learn car driving. She imagines Bapuji and Baa requesting her for a drop and praising her, she dropping Anant to office, etc., and thinks she will surprise Anant and family on her wedding anniversary by learning car driving. Kanak hearing her thinks she will give a surprise to Gehna.

Gehna nervously prays Kanhaji and seeks his opinion whether she should learn car driving or not. Driving school pamphlets fall in front of her and she thanks Kanhaji for showing her a way. Kanak walks from behind holding pamphlets and thinks she showed her a way and not Kanhaji and don’t know where it will lead. Anant gets a parcel. Paresh asks what is in the parcel. Anant says he got his certificate and other stuff from his Singapore office as it has been 1 year since he left the job there. Paresh says it looks as if he returned from Singapore 1 day ago and asks him to bring his medicines. Anant realizes he married Gehna 1 year ago and its their wedding anniversary.

Gehna takes cab for driving school and guides cab driver via GPS. Driver stops car and says his car broke down due to her wrong guidance and asks her to find her address herself now. Gehna asks a passerby about driving school’s address who denies. A biker splashes dirt on her. She thinks Kanhaji showed her a way, its her duty to perform and Kanhaji will give her reward. She reaches driving school where its owner angrily tries to shoo her away. She says she came to learn car driving. He says this month’s slots are booked. She says she wants to learn driving in 1 week as she needs to surprise her family. He says he will if she has her own car. She agrees and asks him to teach her driving at 6 a.m. daily. He agrees. At night, family eagerly waits for Gehna. Gehna returns home. Anant asks how did she get a dirt on her clothes. Hema jokes. Baa stops her. Kanak says she should have taken Anant along or informed her and shouldn’t’ have gone out alone to get a dirt on herself. Baa backs her. Family walks away. Anant asks her about her classes and says he now remembers the special day and she should tell what is that special day.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna learns car driving. Paresh asks Anant to give his medicine prescription. Anant searches his car keys.


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