Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd April 2022 Suhani decorates house for Sikandar’s welcome. She yells at a servant for not decorating flowers yet. Swara enters disguised as a florist girl. Suhani gets angry seeing her and asks her to get out. Swara says she will not spare her and her son for what they did with her. Suhani sends servants out.

Swara threatens to inform her and Sikandar’s truth to Surya. Suhani pleads her not to. Swara laughs. Suhani laughs back and says Swara is a fool to think she will plead her not to inform Surya. She says when Surya didn’t believe his beloved Gehna, who is Swara.

She throws money on Swara, says woman like her just love money, and asks her to pick it and get out. Swara challenges her to marry Surya and take over the house. Suhani calls guards to kick her out. Swara warns them to dare not touch her and challenges that soon she will marry Surya and become their new owner.

Surya pays for Praful’s operation and requests doctor to perform his operation. Paresh and Pankaj gather some money. Nurse takes Praful on a stretcher. Jamuna pleads her not to evict Praful, they will pay the fees soon. Nurse says they are taking Praful for operation as the fees is already paid. Jamuna asks who paid it.

Chetan walks in with bank manager next who returns house papers. Jamuna gets happy seeing them and asks how did it happen. Manager says he got the money back with interest and apologizes for his misbehavior due to professional demand. Jamuna says Gehna must have done all this.

Paresh says she is right, Gehna made a huge sacrifice for Desai family. Kanak walks in and informs Jamuna that Gehna is in jail as Seth family forced her to accept Sikandar’s crime to bail out Desai family. Baa gets worried for Gehna.

Sikandar returns home. Suhani welcomes him, performs his aarti, and hugs him emotionally. Sikandar hugs Sarika next and touches Daadi’s feet, but Daadi stands silent. He asks Daadi if she will not bless her grandson. Daadi asks how to bless him when he is Gehna and Surya’s enemy.

Dadaji confronts Sikandar to be ready bear punishment for his sins and walks away with Daadi. Sikandar asks Suhani if wrinkled laila majnu’s romance is still continuing and asks about Surya. She says she doesn’t know where he is.

Surya meets Gehna in jail. Gehna denies to meet him. Surya informs her that Bapuji’s operation is done, he returned Desai house and Desai family already shifted back there. Gehna asks him not to take her name with his cheap mouth and says he deserves betrayal by his mother and brother and not the people who truly love him. He shouts at her to stop. She asks not to stop as she doesn’t have any feelings for him, she is tired now and the Gehna died during her journey from Gehna Desai to Gehna Seth. He silently watches her leaving and gets teary eyed. Mujhe Ruladiya.. song plays in the background.

Surya gets out of jail and notices Jamuna there. Jamuna beats him with a stick and asks why did he betray his daughter. Constables try to stop her, but Surya asks them not to. Jamuna says it’s her mistake that she got her daughter married to him. She curses him that he will never be happy.

Surya returns home and notices Sikandar checking a file. Sikandar hugs him and says he at last proved that he loves his bhaisab more than everyone and asks where was he whole night. He says he had to finish jail formalities and had some other work. Sikandar asks what was that. Surya says he had to get Praful treated and return Desai house.

Sikandar scolds him for returning the house. Surya says he had promised Gehna. Sikandar says it doesn’t matter, he should just think about business. Suray says Sikandar knows well that he doesn’t support wrong and lies and wouldn’t like to break his promise. He welcomes him back home and leaves. Suhani asks Sikandar what was Surya saying. Sikandar says he was sensing rebellion in Surya’s words. Suhani says that’s because of Gehna.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sikandar challenges Gehna that he will kill Surya by tomorrow night.


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