Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd May 2022 Suhani panics seeing Urvashi’s ghost and thinks she should have byhearted Hanuman chalisa when her papa asked her to. She walks to Sarika, who in her dream blabbers that she will clean Gehna’s baby’s potty, and wakes her up. Sarika says she must have heard her own snoring.

Suhani says she really heard weird sounds like of a ghost and forcefully sleeps next to her. Sarika acts as if possessed by a ghost and frightens her. Suhani slaps her. Sarika wonders why Gehna didn’t inform Surya about her pregnancy yet. Suhani says maybe she wants to reveal it just before the judge pronounces divorce and gain sympathy, but she will fail Gehna’s plan.

Geha and Surya miss each other and get emotional holding each other’s belongings. Main Bhi Nachoon Manaye Sone Yaar.. song plays in the background. He walks towards her room and tries to knock the door, but stops and recites a shayari. Even Gehna recites shayari. Suhani tears Gehna and Surya’s wedding photo and thinks Gehna will be out of Surya’s life in 2 days and then Surya will be her puppet again.

Next morning, Shreya prepares dahi bhalle and asks Gehna to taste it. Gehna states it and says its perfect, everyone will be happy after eating it. Shreya taunts if everyone or just Surya. Sarika walks to kitchen smelling the snacks and tastes it. Gehna tastes tangy chutney and says she likes even this.

Sarika says though she is getting divorce from Surya, don’t she think she should inform him about her pregnancy as he is her baby’s father. Gehna says even she wants to inform him, but a few people want to separate them; she will give this good news during their divorce proceedings and cancel it. Sarika asks if she is so sure that her divorce will be canceled. Gehna says 100% and challenges her with 1 lakhs bet. Sarika leaves. Gehna says the sheep went to inform her mother now.

Shreya asks her why don’t she inform Surya about the pregnancy. Gehna says she can, but will lose Surya after he learns about her lies. Shreya says she doesn’t want to lose her younger sister. Gehna says even she doesn’t want to lose her elder sister and best friend and will cancel the divorce proceedings for sure as she bet 1 lakhs rs with Sarika. Sarika informs Suhani about her bet.

Suhani asks if she knows howmany notes are there in 1 lakh. Sarika says she doesn’t want to lose 1 lakh and will hide it Suhani notices Surya and Gehna’s torn photo intact and tells Sarika that she had torn it last night. Sarika says maybe Urvashi’s ghost fixed it as she doesn’t want her son’s divorce. Suhani says its Gehna’s drama. She notices Gehna walking out of house suspiciously and follows her.

Gehna meets Agastya. Suhani clicks their pics to show it to Surya Gehna tells Agastya that she really needs his help. He holds her hands and says he is always there for her. He doubts someone sping on them and jokes on Gehna. Gehna runs behind him to hit him. Suhani grins recording their video. After some time, Suhani drives her car and stops seeing construction work on the road.

Paint falls on her car glass and she panics noticing Urmila laughing at her. A woman acts as coming under her car and yells at her. Suhani asks if she saw Urmila. Lady denies and demands money for her treatment. Suhani gives her money, gets into car, plays radio, and panics hearing Gumnaam Hai Koi song and .

Urmila in the backseat. She speeds her car away. Urmila laughs and tells Gehna that she is enjoying seeing Suhani in fear. Gehna returns home and notices Surya worried for Suhani when she doesn’t return home. Shreya says kidnapping cases have increased in the city. Surya decides to go out and search for Suhani. Suhani returns home in a shocking state.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Surya and Gehna spend quality time together. Suhani panics seeing blood stained footsteps in her room and collapses. Gehna thinks she will make Suhani shed blood tears for troubling Suhani.


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