Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 26th August 2021 Anant feeds cake to Gehna and she feeds him back and cleans his lips looking into his eyes. Radhika burns in jealousy noticing that and remembers Anant telling she made him realize that he loves Gehna. Anant asks Gehna if she will not ask why he went out with Radhika. She says there is no need to ask as she trusts him. He holds her hand and nervously says he.. She asks him to say. He is about to say when Tia says bhai wants to say her thank you and is shying. She asks Anant how is this decoration and celebration. Anant says her decoration looks beautiful, thank you. Tia takes Gehna aside. Anant thinks Gahna makes his every day special, she will propose her in a grand way. Bapuji tells him that he is their proud and strength. Anant says there is one person who always supported and fought for her, its Gehna and hence they will celebrate her presence with them instead of his job success. Radhika breaks her purse beads angrily hearing that. Gehna offers her sweets. Radhika says she doesn’t need it. Gehna says she should have dinner soon as everyone will sleep early for tomorrow’s rakhi festival and she may miss dinner. She then slips on beads. Radhika holds her and says she should be careful and be alert as tomorrow is special. Gehna thinks what is Radhika up to tomorrow, she will not let her spoil raksha bandhan festival.

Next morning, Gehna gets ready for festival and finds rakhis missing. Radhika holding rakhis thinks they look beautiful, but there won’t be hands to tie on. Gehna snatches rakhis from her. Radhika repeats that hands which will tie and which would be tied on will be missing today. Gehna stands confused. Tia and Hiral inform Baa that they are going for shopping and get into car. Kanak and Hema get into car and ask to take them along for shopping. Hiral asks them to get out and take another car. Kanak threatens to call NGO car. Hiral gets afraid and agrees to take them along. Back at home, Gehna fears something wrong will happen. Radhika threatens her again that there maybe a blast and hands to tie the rakhi may break. Anant climbs a ladder and fixes bulb and asks Pankaj to switch on the button. Gehna remembering Radhika’s threat stops Pankaj. Anant’s attention diverts, he slips and falls. Gehna shouts Anantji. Family gathers. Anant says he is fine and got afraid hearing Gehna’s shout. Krishna asks Gehna if she is fine. She nods yes and walks away. He senses something is wrong.

Hema asks Hiral to stop the car. Tia says market is still far away. Hema says she wants to go to beauty parlor and will meet them at market later. Kanak says even she wants to go to parlor and gets out of car. Hiral drives car away. Hema thinks Kanak is behind her like a black ghost. Kanak asks her not to worry as she knows where she is going. Hema says she didn’t inform anyone at home. Kanak threatens to take her along or else she will take her back home. Hema meets Sagar in jail and emotionally crying ties rakhi to him. Kanak says she is too melodramatic, asks Hema to move aside and let her tie rakhi, then says she forgot to bring rakhi and sends Hema to bring one. Sagar tells her that he knows she came for some other reason and should reveal it. He reminds their good days when they troubled Desais. Sagar says he is in jail and she is still enjoying at Desai house. Kanak says Desai house is also like a jail as Radhika has come there.

Anant informs Baa that he, Chetan, and Pankaj are going out to bring gifts for sisters. Baa reminds them to return soon as their sisters would be waiting to tie rakhi. Gehna sees Anant left his purse and rushes behind him. Anant gets gets into a car. Radhika shows her greased hands and car nut bolt set. Gehna says she knows Radhika is playing a mind game. Radhika says she will understand it now and hands over nut bolt set. Gehna runs behind car calling Anant and falls down. Anant noticing her stops car, gets out of it and asks what happened. She says car stopped and asks to return home. Pankaj says they need to buy gifts for Hiral and Tia. Gehna says she will get gifts via Krishna. Anant says he will park the car. Radhika angrily looks at Gehna. Anant noticing that thinks something is wrong and holding Gehna’s hand says let us go. Gehna nods yes and passes by Radhika leaving her fuming in jealousy.

Sagar tells Kanak that wet cat Radhika returned as a wicket tigress and would strongly attack Desais. Kanak says yes. Sagar says why don’t she complain against Radhika to NGO people. She says she will be out of Desai out if she does that, so she has a wicked plan in her mind. He asks what is it.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Voiceover says big problems will barge on Desai family in the upcoming 7 days. Baa with Gehna prays god to keep her family away from all the problems. Bapuji and others tie Rakhi to Gehna saying she is their protector. Voiceover asks if Gehna will fight the problem and save Desai family.


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