Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th April 2022 Surya collapses when poison effects on him. Gehna worries for Surya. Suhani tells Daada Daadi that she cannot poison Surya. Daadi slaps her and asks how can she try to kill her own son. Suhani says she didn’t do anything. Sikandar alleges Gehna of poisoning Surya. Gehna asks Dadaji to call the ambulance. Sikandar says he will send Gehna back to jail and calls police.

Gehna threatens him with a fork and says she will surrender herself to police once she takes Surya to a hospital. Suhani hits her head from behind and she falls down unconscious. Sikandar says he will kill Surya even if he reaches hospital. Abhay throws a smoke bomb and and takes Gehna away. Sikandar and Suhani are shocked to see Gehna missing.

Family takes Surya to hospital. Suhani asks Sikandar who threw smoke bomb inside the house and where did Gehna go. Inspector walks in. Dadaji asks him to arrest Suhani for poisoning Surya. Suhani says she is Surya’s mother and can never try to kill her son. Dadaji warns her to stop her drama.

Sikandar asks inspector not to take them seriously and asks Arjun and Sarika to take Daada Daadi home. Inspector asks who was present when the incident happened. Sikandar says Surya exposed Gehna and got her arrested in Anan’t murder case, soGehna escaped from jail and poisoned him to take revenge from him. Suhani asks inspector to catch Gehna soon.

Desai family watches news and learns that Gehna escaped from jail, poisoned her present husband Surya, and escaped from there. Jamuna refuses to believe the news and worries about Gehna. Hema says Gehna must have definitely poinsed Surya. Kanak says if Praful learfns about the news, he can’t handle it. Praful walks in and tries to switch on TV. Paresh stops him and asks him to go and rest in his room.

Door bell rings. Kanak and Hema fear Gehna must hav turned. Police inspector enters and asks about Gehna. Praful says she msut be at her in-laws’ place. Jamuna asks Praful to go to his room and rest. Inspector says he got search warrant against Gehna and orders team to search for her. Praful asks what did Gehna do. Inspector says Gehna escaped from jail and tried to kill Surya.

Gehna wakes up and finds herself in Abhay’s car. She asks him to stop the car. Abhay says he will not stop the car and sasy she should thank him for saving her life and rescuing her from the party. He recalls the incident. Gehna pleads to let him rturn to Surya. He reminds her about their deal and says they will start a new life, she should never take Surya’s name again. Gehna shouts she wants to go to Surya right now.

Cops stop Abhay’s car to check. Gehna says she will get out of the car and will reach his place via jungle. Abhay warns her to hide under the seat or else he will get her arrested. She hides. He shows his card to police inpsector and says he needs to reach hospital soon to save a patient’s life. Inspector lets him go.

Gehna asks Abhay to let her go. He laughs and asks who Surya, says they wil restart a new life. Gehna manipulates car’s steering and escapes from the car. Abhay chases and catches her. She prays to God for help. A snake bites Abhay. Gehna thanks God and escapes from there.

Suhani confronts Sikandar for poisoning Surya. Sikandar says he just helped her finish her task. Suhani fears that Surya will get well and start investigation. Sikandar asks why is she worried when she did many more scams before. Suhani fears Gehna will create a problem.

Sikandar says he will kill both Gehna and Surya soon and asks her to return home and wait for his good news. Gehna enters hospital hiding her face with a veil. Suhani clashes with her but doesn’t identify her. Gehna reaches near Surya’s room and finds police and Sikandar standing outside.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna disguised as a nurse entrers Surya’s room. Sikandar walks in and notices her.


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