Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th August 2021 Anant and Gehna return home. Baa informs them that Tia and Hiral went for shopping long ago and haven’t yet returned. Gehna says they must be on the way, she will prepare aarti thali till then. She walks towards home temple where Radhika already prepares aarti thali and reveals that Gehna got busy in protecting brothers forgetting about sisters, she forgot that sisters tie rakhi to brothers’ wrists. She asks her to call Tia and Hiral and find out where they are, herself calls Tia from Gehna’s mobile. Tia speaks and then shouts. Gehna worried calls back, but finds Tia’s mobile switched off and asks Radhika what did she do with Tia. Radhika asks her to relax, picks laddu and sits on sofa. Gehna informs Anant that Radhika must have done something to Tia and Hiral. Anant angrily asks where are his sisters. Radhika remembering rejecting her asks not to waste time and setting sand timer on says he should reach his sister before timer ends. Hema and Kanak return and ask what happened. Pankaj informs that Hiral and Tia didn’t return home yet. Hema says they got down midway and went to beauty parlor. Kanak thinks how will she reveal where she had gone. Gehna asks Hema to take her and Anant where she got out of Tia and Hiral’s car. Radhika asks how will she find out their location midway. Anant shuts her mouth and rushes out with Hema, Gehna, and Paresh.

Radhika’s goons kidnap Tia and Hiral and hostage them in a godown and spread toxic smoke around. They both plead to leave them and cough. Hema brings Anant, Hema, and Paresh to the spot and says they got down here, Tia and Hiral went to market as they were talking about some discount. Gehna prays god and hears temple bell, tells Anant that they must be someone around, asks Hema to return home and with Anant and Paresh starts searching Tia and Hiral. At home, Radhika asks Baa not to curse her as it won’t help. Bapuji warns Radhika that he is a father and will not spare her if something happens to his daughters. Baa asks him to call Paresh and find out if they found Tia and Hiral. Bapuji calls Paresh who informs that they didn’t yet find Tia and Hiral. Gehna continues searching them, hears someone coughing from inside godown, and informs Anant and Paresh. Anant breaks lock and opens godown to find Tia and Hiral there. Paresh enters godown and comes out coughing due to heavy smoke. Gehna covers her face and brings Hiral and Tia out.

They then bring them home. Radhika gets angry seeing her plan failed and Kanak grins. Family gets worried for Hiral and Tia. Krishna asks if the are fine. Anant angrily heads towards Radhika. Gehna stops him and says Radhika tried to spoil raksha bandhan, but should celebrate the remaining day and fail Radhika’s plan. Anant says Radhika troubled them so much. Gehna says every bad thing ends and even Radhika will. Tia apologizes Baa that rakhi muhurat ended because of her. Gehna says relationship are followed by heart and not by muhurat. She brings rakhi thali and asks Hiral and Tia to tie rakhi to their brothers, and they happily oblige. Paresh says raksha bandhan ritual is finished. Hiral says one more ritual is left and tells Gehna that they are back home safely because of Gehna, so they will tie rakhi to Gehna. She performs Gehna’s aarti and ties rakhi to her. Gehna gets emotional while Radhika burns in jealousy. Chetan and Pankaj also tie rakhi to Gehna for protecting their family. Bapuji says they will defeat evil and their sanskars will win. Gehna tells Radhika that her plan failed and 2 rakhi rituals happened instead, sisters tied rakhi on brother’s wrists and brothers found a new sister in return. She returns Radhika’s timer and warns that she cannot break their unity.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Radhika breaks Shah family’s bonding and tells Gehna that her bonding was weak. Bapuji suggests to complain against Radhika. Gehna says there is no need for that.


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