Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 28th August 2021 Gehna tells Radhika that she fulfilled her promise, now Sania can do whatever she can. Whole family holds each other’s hands and form a circle around Radhika. Kanak watches from stairs. Gehna warns Radhika to think before doing anything as their bonding of their relationship is very strong. Radhika hits Hema’s hand and breaks their chain and taunts Gehna that her bonding is very weak and orders her to serve her dinner if her drama is over. Bapuji says Radhika crossed her limits by trying to harm his daughters, he will file police complaint against her. Gehna says she is enough for Radhika and knows how to punish her for troubling her family. Radhika comes for dinner and asks why family is not having dinner.

Gehna asks her not to bother and concentrate on her dinner. Radhika starts dinner taunting that she alone is troubling them all. Gehna murmurs that poison is not affecting yet and says she mixed poison in Radhika food. Radhika panics and tries to leave. Gehna ties her to a chair and says sometimes tying down the problem is necessary to stop it spreading like poison and says when she alone can harm her so much, imagine what whole Desai family can do. Whole family gathers and smirk at her. Radhika pleads to free her as poison is affecting her.

Gehna says she mixed herbs and not poison and Radhika cannot complain for giving her herbs. She warns Radhika to stop troubling them or else she will fall flat on her face, etc. Paresh asks Gehna to free Radhika today as they can torture her daily. Radhika gulps water. Gehna continues tongue lashing Radhika. Radhika throws plate on Gehna. Anant pushes Gehna back, and Krishna catching the plate throws at Radhika. Radhika escapes and shouts how dare he is to attack her. He warns that he purposefully missed the target and if she tries to harm cuckoo he will not spare her. Whole family warns Radhika again and walks away. Radhika asks Kanak who is this boy. Kanak says he is Gehna’s childhood friend and this house’s would be son-in-law.

At night in room, Anant walks to Gehna and says he saw her angry avatar for the first and he is amazed to see the way she gave a befitting reply to Radhika. She says she can go to any extent to protect her family, Radha crossed her limits in troubling her family and she couldn’t keep quiet. She reminds her that its his first day at job tomorrow and a big day for him. He says she knows his job is risky and he is getting a chance to serve the nation, even her studies is important and he wants her to fulfill her dream, he is proud of her. She says even she is proud of him and starts stuying. He looks at her smilingly. She asks what happened. He says he is getting coffee and needs sleep. She asks if he means he is getting sleepy and needs coffee. He nods yes. She goes to get him coffee. He gets a call and man threatens him to leave the job he took up. He calls back and finds the number switched off, thinks who threatened him.

Next morning, Anant looks at Gehna cleaning room and thinks he loves her a lot. She asks if he needs something. He nods no. She asks him to come down for dinner and walks away. He thinks why he is unable to express his feelings for Gehna and thinks he should tonight for sure. Someone enters his room once he leaves. Anant then goes to Paresh and shyingly says he needs to speak something important. Paresh realizes he wants to express his feelings for Gehna and asks him not to shy more as Gehna is his wife and not girlfriend. Anant blabbers. Paresh asks him to speak. Gehna enters saying she should speak instead and reminds Anant that he is getting late for job, snatches Paresh’s sweets scolding him and keeps them in fridge, and takes Anant along.

A man checks Anant’s laptop and steals data from it. Gehna with Anant returns home and senses something is wrong. Anant asks what happened. She says she feels someone entered their room in their absence. He asks who will come. She says she had cleaned the bed and spread the bedsheet, but its crimpled. Anant says even he saw it and remembering a threat call informs Gehna that his job is risky and he got a threat cal, his seniors have given him some instructions and he needs to check if a camera is fixed in his room. They both check for camera and don’t find it. Anant switches off all lights and puts torch saying he learnt a technique in Singapore that camera’s light will glow if he puts torch light on it. Gehna notices camera on Anant’s photo. Anant picks it and says someone fixed spy camera. He checks his laptop and says someone tampered his laptop and he knows who is it.


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