Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd November 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 2nd November 2020 Hema burns Gehna’s mother’s sari. Gehna cries seeing that and tries to pick it with bare hands saying this was her mother’s only gift. Hema says she will realize the pain when a dear one is hurt. In living room, Hema’s children request Gopi to play with them. Gopi asks what should she play. Children say its navratri and Ramji killed Ravan on 9th day, so they will play Ram and Seeta drama. Daughter says she will become Ram. Son says she is a girl. Daughter says who will know if she disguises. Gopi thinks of disguising herself to reach Ahem and this is the only way. Kokila tells Praful that she with Gopi, Hetal, and Urmila will meet Hetal’s relatives in Rajkot and return home. Praful says she has to return after meeting relatives and insists her. Kokila agrees and asks Gopi to pack bags. Gopi thinks she should inform Kokila about Ahem now. Back in Gehna’s room, she tries to save her mother’s sari from fire, but Hema stops her and continues yelling at her not to trouble Sagar. Gehna forcefully tries to set off fire with bare hands. Kanak enters and scolds Hema for setting fire. Anant rushes in and stops Gehna. He cleans her hands. Kanak warns to dare not touch maid as it is not Desai family culture. Anant says he doesn’t care and goes out to send someone to clean the mess. Kanak warns Gehna that Anant touched her hand just to clean it and not to hold it permanently. Kanak returns to Hema’s room and orders her to burn her bank cheque book. Chetan with Pankaj and asks why is she burning cheque book. Kanak says Hema likes burning things and asks did they find out Praful retirement corpus cheque amount? they will be busy here and Kokila and Gopi may grab away the whole amount.

Gehna cries seeing her mother’s sari, bangles and mangalsutra burnt. Servant comes and cleans the mess. Sagar walks towards Gehna’s room thinking of punishing her, but hides seeing Anant. Gehna opens door nervously hearing door knock, but relieves seeing Anant. Anant, sensing someone around, checks if anyone is there, but doesn’t find anyone. He returns to Gehna with first-aid box and offers her ointment to apply.

Gopi informs Kokila that Ahem is alive. Kokila says she must have mistaken. Gopi says she saw Ahem’s tattoo also. Kokila gets emotional and requests her to take her to Ahem dikra. Gopi takes her to Gopi Kaka’s room. Gopi kaka opens door. Kokila emotionally tries to hug him. He pushes her away and hits her forehead with a stick warning her to stay away from him. Kokila says she is his mother and this is his wife Gopi. Gopi kaka warns Gopi that she comes repeatedly to trouble him and if she brings someone else next time, he will hit even him/her. He shuts door on their face. Gopi gets up from her sleep (sleeps with full make up on and costly sari to meet Ahem in dreams, lol) and realizes it was her dream. She thinks of not informing Kokila now.

Next morning, Gehna prays to the God saying when Navratri comes, Matarani gives something to everyone. Anant walks to her and asks what she wants from Matarani. Gehna nervously calls him Kanhaji and asks him to climb on chair and fix flowers on temple door. He asks her to hold stool tightly and asks why did she burn her mother’s belongings when she kept them for years. Gehna says memories give them pain. Anant says they get happy with memory of dear ones. After sometime, Praful and Jamna perform pooja and give aarti thali . Kanak thinks finally they will find out cheque amount. Praful gives next aarti to Kokila and then Hetal. Pankaj and Kanak perform aarti next followed by Chetan and Hema and they all 4 pray god to give them biggest share of cheque. Anant prays to the God to keep his parents happy always and give him strength to protect them. Gopi prays to reunite her with Ahem. Gehna prays to the God to fulfill Gopi’s prayers. After pooja, Pankaj tries to pick cheque from Matarani’s feet and it flies and falls in Gehna’s hand. They are all surprised and happy to see 1 crore written on the Cheque. Gopi hopes she stays back to meet Gopi Kaka and make him remember that he is Ahem. Kokila says Hetal’s relative’s house is small, so they may not accompany us all 4, so if Gopi can stay back. Gopi happily agrees and thanks God for listening to her prayers.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd November 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :While having dinner, Kanak gives food to Gehna in an old plate. Anant asks why is Gehna having food separately and why is Kanak giving food in an old thali. He asks Jamna what is happening.


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