Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd July 2021 Velji’s goons drag Anant back to Velji’s den. Velji says he fooled him as Sagar doesn’t know any Anthony Gonzalves. Anant says Velji knows Sagar ruined many girls’ lives and now is trying to ruin his sister’s life, so he is trying to protect his sister from Sagar. Velji says he works only for money and doesn’t mind whatever happens to others. Anant says he will give 4 times more money than Sagar. Velji’s goons hit Anant on his head and he collapses. Gehna gets tensed seeing Anant’s phone switched off and asks Krishna how will they track Anant now, says they may find any clue or number from Sagar’s mobile.

Bhavani seeks money from Baa to pay mehandi designers. Baa opens her locker. Bhavani and Hema get greedy seeing money bundles and jewelry. Baa offers money to Bhavani. Bhavani snatches whole bundle saying she hired best designers from Jamnagar and will keep remaining money for other rituals. Gehna snatches money from her. Hema shouts how dare she is to snatch money from her money. Gehna say she is returning money to the right person and its better if bride and groom give shagun. Kanak backs her. Baa keeps money back in her locker, leaving Bhavani and Hema fuming. Gehna thinks Sagar will give shagun now and when he is busy, she will check Sagar’s mobile and find a clue to reach Anant.

Sagar informs Dashrath that Sagar has reached Jamnagar and is in Velji’s grip. Dashrath says he will get him killed in Jamnagar itself. Sagar says no need for that and Velji will not leave Sagar until he marries Tia. Hema walks in and calls him to come down and give shagun to mehandi designers. Krishna walks in next and keeps Sagar’s mobile away saying what will he do while getting mehandi applied. Once they leave, Gehna enters room to check Sagar’s mobile. Downstairs, Kanak prepares shagun mehandi. Hema thinks she will grab whole wealth alone and not let Kanak grab anything. Kanak thinks same. Baa asks Kanak to ask Gehna to bring Nilgiri oil and put some in mehandi. Sagar thinks if Gehna is not here, where is she.

Gehna searches Sagar’s mobile, finds it, and seeing patter lock tries Tia’s T first and then Gehna’s G. Phone unlocks. She sees Velji bhai’s number and remembers Anant discussing Velji’s name. She alls Velji bhai. Goons tie Anant to a chair and throw water on him. Anant wakes up and requests Velji to let him go. Velji orders his goons to torture Anant. He gets Sagar’s call and says his enemy is in his grip. Gehna asks if Anant is with him. Velji confuses her with Bhavani. Gehna as Bhavani orders him to leave that boy and not fall in all this as Sagar is still a kid and cannot think what is better for him. Velji asks what about his money. Gehna says that boy will pay him. Velji orders his goons to leave Anant.

Sagar thinks Gehna hasn’t come yet and realizing he left his phone in room tries to leave. Krishna stops him and asks if he can dance on how many songs. Sagar realizes Krishna’s intention and jumping with Tia seeing her bringing something, drops it on his T shirt and runs to his room to change. Tia falls down and sprains her hand. Krishna gets concerned, asks Hema to bring ice cubes, and applies them on Tia’s hand saying she will be pain free in sometime. She asks if he is a doctor. He cheers her up with his play stories, and she laughs. Gehna thanks god that she could find Anant’s location.

Sagar enters, Gehna hides in cupboard, Sagar picks his Tshirt from cupboard and goes to change. Krishna with Tia enters and takes Sagar along. Gehna gets out of cupboard and thinks now Anant must be out and must have gone to meet Suman. Anant meets Suman and informs that Sagar is marrying his sister and ruining her life, so she could come along and stop the marriage. Suman says she will not or else Sagar will kill her and her child. Sagar gets Velji’s call who informs that he left his friend. Gehna thinks Velji must have called Sagar and hopes Anant brings Suman here soon. Suman denies to accompany Anant. Anant says he can slap Sagar and get him on track, but he is acting as a kid and fooling his sister, so she should come along and stop the marriage.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anant brings Suman to Tia. Tia doesn’t trust Suman’s plea and alleges Anant that he is trying to cancel her marriage with Sagar, she is ashamed of him today.


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