Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th October 2021 Gehna tells guests and police that her husband is alive and a patriot and she will prove it. Inspector leaves telling Bapuji that they will meet next in court. Gehna tries to remove garland from Anant’s photo. Gehna says they know Anant is not a traitor and a patriot instead, how will they prove it. Gehna says Anant will prove it and removes garland from his photo.

Baa returns to her room and cries looking at Anant’s photo. Gehna brings water for her. She hugs Gehna and says someone’s evil eyes fell on their happiness. Gehna says when they didn’t do wrong to anyone, then how will someone do wrong to them; she will do whatever it takes for their family. She makes Baa sleep and assures that Anant is alive and will return and remove curtain from truth and lie.

Next morning, Gehna gets ready and wears sindhoor and bangles. Hiral with Hema enters and asks if Gehna is doing right. Gehna asks if she took its wrong. Hiral says society considers it bad as her husband is dead. Gehna says sindhoor, bangles, and mangalsutra keep a husband and wife united, does their bonding end if her husband is away;

Anant wouldn’t have asked her to remove them, neither any husband would. Baa enters and says Gehna is right, nobody will suggest Gehna what to do do and let her decide how she wants to live. Gehna removes her mangalsutra and says she will keep it not because she believed them but because her husband will return and fix this mangalsutra in her neck.

Gehna meets a lawyer who says there is not even a 1% change of winning and he will not accept lost case. Gehna says she has all the papers and herself is an evidence and an aspiring lawyer, so he should take her case. He asks her not to waste his time. She meets next lawyer who checks file. They watch news that where reporter calls Anant as terrorist and challenge to expose him.

Lawyer returns file and says he will not fight for traitor, so she should leave. Gehna walks away. She then goes to market to buy vegetables. Mob start badmouthing and yelling on her. Vegetable vendor also misbehaves with her. She walks on road while mob humiliates her. She then reaches home where mob protest outside and stones and vegetables at Desai family. Noore Khuda.. song plays in the background.

Kanak gets injured and applies bandage. Hema says let her check. Kanak scolds her. Gehna sees Chetan holding his head and asks if he is more injured. Chetan says his boss asked him to resign from job, how will they run the house without money. Pankaj says even his bakery is shut by mob and threatened to burn it. Kanak blames Anant for their problems and says they should leave this house to stop humiliate, its better they finish this house’s partition and live a peaceful life separately. Baa shocked asks if she is misusing the opportunity instead of supporting family. Kanak says its better to live somewhere else than living a humiliated life, why should they suffer for Anant’s sins.

Gehna confronts her that Anant didn’t do any sin, so why should they hide. Kanak asks if she is saying this even after so much. Gehna says Anant was a patriot and people who called Anant a traitor will praise him and will support them, she will fight for them and asks if they will support her. Paresh says its difficult to fight with society and system. Radhika holds Gehna’s hand and says she will support Gehna in every step. Kanak laughs at them 2 mad women are supporting each other. Baa holds Gehna hand says even a martyr’s mother is with Gehna.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna works at a woman’s house as maid. Kanak with Baa and Hema visits there. Woman asks maid Gehna to bring water for guests. Gehna hides her face and gets tensed.


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