Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 5th January 2022 Gehna calls Dr. Abhay’s clinic and asks if she should visit there to get her test reports. Anant walks to her and asks whom she is taking to. She says wrong number and says she will prepare breakfast for him. He asks why is she trying to avoid him. She says she is fine and goes to kitchen.

He thinks why she is behaving so weirdly. She is busy preparing breakfast in kitchen when Kanak walks in and asks if she also used to feel hungry during pregnancy. She says its good to feel hungry and offers to prepare a fruit smoothie for her. Kanak agrees and joins family for breakfast. Gehna offers her smoothie.

Kanak thanks her and is about to sip it when Hema stops her and says Gehna mixed even stale fruits in smoothie. Gehna says she prepared it with fresh fruits. Hema alleges that she saw stale fruit skin in kitchen.

Rasika tastes it and yells at Gehna that just because she couldn’t bear a child, she wants to kill Kanak’s baby. Kanak starts emotionally blackmailing Baa alleging Gehna. Pankaj supports Gehna and says Gehna would never do that. Kanak continues crying and alleging Gehna. Baa asks her to stop crying and asks Hema to prepare food for Kanak from hereon. Hema hesitantly agrees and takes Kanak along. Rasika yells at Gehna again.

Anant asks Gehna to give his jacket and takes her from there to protect her from Rasika and Baa’s verbal torture. He says he already told her that they should shift from here to stop her verbal torture by family. She laughs and says he acts so bad and helps him wear jacket. He asks if there is something which she wants to share with him, but doesn’t want to. She says there is nothing like that.

He says then why did she make him wear a jacket’s wrong side and gave old wallet, she should discuss with him if something is bothering her. She says okay ji. He says he wants to go on a dinner with his bestie tonight and asks her to be ready in the evening. He waves her bye and leaves for work thinking he knows Gehna will not hide anyting from him, but why he feels so; he hopes she will discuss in the evening.

Kanak rejoices seeing whole family except Pankaj and Bapuji scolding Gehna and thanks Hema for her help. Hema says she will continue to serve her for the reward. She then checks Kanak’s stomach and says she is not pregnant and is just acting. Kanak says Gehna returned home late last night and was pleading Kanhaji for forgiveness, so she must be up to something. Hema says they should find out.

Anant calls Gehna in the evening and asks her if she is ready for a dinner date. She says yes. He walks on street and imagines seeing Gehna in different avatars.
Dil Diya Gallan.. song plays in the background.

He imagines romancing her. A car honks and gets him out of imagination. He notices Gehna’s Shyamili aunty and remembers Gehna saying she is unwell. He meets her and asks how is she now. Aunt says she is fine and asks how is Gehna, it has been years since she met Gehna. Anant realizes Gehna lied to him.

Baa serves kadha/herbal decoction to Kanak to help ease her morning sickness. Kanak thinks why will she have morning sickness when she is not pregnant at all and says she will have it in her room. Baa insists her to have it right there. Bapuji walks in and asks about Rasika. Baa says she has gone to temple. Bapuji says that is why there is so much peace at home. Baa acts angry.

Bapuji praises her that she has modern thinking and then suggests her to be kind to Gehna and love her like she used to before. Baa says but.. He changes topic and insists to take her on a romantic movie date like Anant who is taking Gehna out on a dinner date. Kanak hears their conversation.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna lies to Anant that someone locked her in a store room. Anant insists her to stop lying and tell truth as her one lie will ruin her 100 truths.


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