Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th July 2021 Anant feels sad that he couldn’t open Tia’s eyes after so much effort and couldn’t change her perception towards Sagar. He returns home with Gehna. Paresh tells family that their family is complete with Anant’s return, let us celebrate. Bapuji sees Tia getting mehandi applied on her hands sadly and tells Baa that he cannot see Tia sad. Baa says its not a wedding of wish but of understanding. Sagar acts childish again, asks Anant to dance on Bhaiya Raja Bajayega Baja song, and then acts normal. Anant gets angry noticing that.

Gehna takes him aside and says they need to make Tia realize Sagar’s truth; a brother can go to any extent and even risk his life to save sister’s life, so he shouldn’t vent out his anger on Sagar and think of saving Tia. Anant asks what should he do. She says after mehandi, there won’t be any funtion, so they will have time to stop this wedding. Anant says he cannot see Sagar’s name on Tia’s hands. Gehna prays god to wipe out Sagar’s name from Tia’s hands. Kumkum from home temple flies and falls in Tia’s eyes. Tia wipes her eyes with mehandi hand and goes to wash her eyes when she collides with Krishna and smears mehandi on his sherwani, wiping out Sagar’s name. Gehna gets happy seeing that.

Baa cries in front of Bapuji that she wants to bless her daughter via her decorated sari, but seeing her unhappy, she is feels sad and hopes her daughter is blessed with happiness for whole life. Gehna says it is possible and discusses her plan of dance performance of whole family during sangeet. They like her idea. Anant informs same idea to Hiral and Sapan and they also like his idea followed by Krishna informing same idea to Paresh, Pankaj, and Chetan.

Tia cries thinking Anant was like her best friend, but she didn’t expect him to be a hurdle in her happiness. Bhavani brings Sagar and says Sagar doesn’t know to dance, so he wants Tia to teach him dance. Tia agrees. Sagar acts as happy and says Tia is his Alia Bhatt and he is Tia’s Varun Dhawan. Bhavani leaves. Gehna starts dancing. Sagar fixes his toy’s hidden camera to record her dance and send it to his clients; thinks let Anant, Gehna, and Krishna plan to save Tia, he will plan to send her to his client.

Kanak dances in her room. Hema switches off music and asks why she is dancing alone. Kanak says she will dance with Pankaj. Hema says they both think they will dance with their husbands, but they have different plans. Kanak asks what does she mean. Hema says Gehna doesn’t know to dance, but makes others dance on her tunes; she means Gehna called everyone downstairs for a family dance practice. Kanak fumes, but seeing Gehna walking towards them says even she wants to dance with family, but nobody invited her. Gehna invites her for dance and requests to teach them dance. Hema yells at Gehna. Kanak ignores her and walks away with Gehna, leaving Kanak burning in anger.

In Jamnagar, Suman sees Sagar’s clients watching Tia’s dancing video and discussing that Sagar earned big this time by selling this girl. Back in Desai house, Kanak teaches dance to family. Hema slips and falls. Suman calls Gehna and informs her to save Tia as her life is in danger. Gehna asks what danger. Suman says Sagar has sold Tia and will hand her over to his clients after marriage. Gehna is shocked to hear that. She takes Anant aside to speak. Kanak thinks the way Gehna took Anant, looks like there is some serious issue. Anant tries to speak, but Pankaj calls Anant back for practice. Kanak walks to Gehna and asks if there is any issue. Gehna thinks she needs to discuss with Suman first and then inform family. Kanak asks if she doesn’t trust her yet. Gehna says she does and walks away. Anant notices Gehna’s tension.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhavani gives bridal dress to Tia and says its her sasural’s big responsibility on her, she cannot wear jeans in her sasural and responsibility would be hard on her, etc.


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