Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th November 2021 Anant is put in Sagar’s jail cell. Saga says Anant’s doppelganger drama is over now, now he will marry Gehna and will take her to Jamnagar. Anant angrily strangulates him.

Police pulls Anant away and puts him in another jail cell. Anant thinks professor is planning something big and he needs to find out. Sagar thinks professor will execute his plan soon and Kanak is helping her. Kanak over phone tells Kumar that she did what he ordered, she wanted Anant and Gehna to leave Desai house as she wanted to rule it, but not this way. He says one more last dhamaka and she is free.

She asks what kind of dhamaka. He says diwali dhamaka, there will be so many dhamakas that she will be shocked. She thinks what is he up to. Gehna walks to her, and she gets nervous. Gehna hugs and thanks her supporting her and help her send Sagar to jail. She asks if she will help her get Anant out of jail and knows she will.

Gehna meets Anant in jail and assures him that nothing will happen to him. She says whatever happened is for good, earlier it was a legal battle and now its a terror battle, his whole family is with him and soon whole country will, tomorrow Siya will prove him innocent, police arrested Sagar and will arrest Kumar soon, she will help Siya and will do even whatever she can’t. Anant asks if she met Kanak and found what is Kumar up to. She says she heard Kumar informing Kanak about some big plan. He asks to find it out. She says she is waiting for tomorrow’s court hearing.

Court hearing starts. Desai family walks in, and Baa asks Gehna about Siya. Gehna says Siya must be on the way. Opponent lawyer informs judge that Siya is missing. Gehna taking judge’s permission calls Siya and asks when is she coming, she will come to pick her up. Kumar’s goons point gun at Siya.

Siya says she cannot come to court as she realized its a hopeless case and she doesn’t want to spoil her name because of it. Gehna gets tensed, but courageously wakes up and returns to court room. Opponent lawyer asks where is her lawyer. Gehna says she will not come now. Opponent lawyer says Siya is smart and backed out of case. He demands judge to give rigorous punishment to terrorist Anant.

Judge asks Gehna if she wants to appoint another lawyer. Gehna says Anant himself will fight this case. Opponent lawyer says this is court and not her house, her case is very weak and she wants accused to fight his own case. She says Anant will fight and win his case. She tells Anant that only he can prove his innocence as only he knows what happened with him. He agrees and requests judge to let him fight his case. Judge grants permission. Gehna thanks him.

Opponent lawyer says he will prove that Anant is a terrorist and a traitor. Anant says he is not a terrorist, but Kumar is who trapped him in this case. Opponent lawyer says why did he let a terrorist stay in his house, this proves that he is hands in gloves with a terrorist. Anant says professor stayed in his house but. Opponent lawyer says he agrees that he supported judge.

Anant says professor was injured and they didn’t know his true identity, so they let him stay at their house. Opponent lawyer asks when did he find out about it and what did he do. Gehna hopes Anant looks at her. He does. She signals him to explain in detail from the beginning. Anant explains whole story from meeting professor in Gehna’s law college till now. Opponent lawyer asks why did he fool commandos and escaped after bomb blast, he is a traitor.

Gehna says if he was a traitor, he wouldn’t have done blast in the opposite direction of tunnel where there is no human population, he saved the country instead. Judge asks its a contempt of court if she interferes again. Opponent lawyer says he is lying. Anant says he risked his family and protected his country.

Opponent lawyer asks why he was living with family disguised as Dr. Sid. Anant says he wanted professor from planning another bomb blast. Opponent lawyer says Anant is just cooking up stories and requests to let him present an evidence which will prove Anant guilty. Judge permits.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Siya informs Gehna that her brother is missing and she was at goon’s gunpoint, so she backed out of case and is searching her brother. They find Srivastav’s dead body in front of door.


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