Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th July 2022 Shreya asks Gehna if she will fight her case. Gehna says she can do anything to separate Kartik from his monster father. She tells Sikandar that he separated Karthik from himself with his heinous act and asks him to question himself if a father can do this to his son.

Suhani pushes Gehna and accuses her of breaking her family and now snatching her grandson from her. She yells at Shreya for falling in Gehna’s trap and tries to drag Kartik on her side. Shreya tries to stop him.

Kartik asks Suhani to leave Kartik. Suhani asks if he cannot see what they are doing with Kartik, he cannot let them do that with his son. Gehna says ruined her children’s lives and relationships and should mend her ways before she ruins their lives completely. Suhani promises Sikandar to get Kartik back, but Sikandar doesn’t trust her and walks to his room.

Urmila asks Karithik if the wants to stay with his mamma, nobody can separate him. Agastya calls Gehna and asks her to reach office to discuss about RTI report. Gehna says she cannot come at this time and asks him to come over instead. Agastya agrees. Suhani walks to Surya’s room crying.

Surya asks her why she looks tensed. Suhani says Sikandar is not talking to her worried for Karthik and blames Gehna that she wants to separate all her children form her. Surya says there is already a partition line between him and Gehna. Suhani says Gehna is trying to get Sikandar and Shreya divorced. Surya says even he and Gehna are getting divorced, then why didn’t she feel sad. Suhani says she felt sad.

Surya confronts her for supporting Sikandar’s wrongdoings of physically and mentally harassing Shreya, kidnapping Kartik, etc, and says now his benefit of doubt is on Gehna’s side. Suhani sheds crocodile tears and says Gehna is separating her children from her and if she separates from Surya and Sikandar, she will commit suicide.

Agastya reaches Gehna’s house. Ridhima gets excited seeing him and things of talking to him when she notices Gehna walking to him and feels jealous. Agastya informs Gehna that RTI report has come and he got date to reopen Arjun’s case. Gehna feels happy hearing that.

Ridhima tries to lure Surya and tries to get him out of house to make him feel relaxed. Surya warns her not to bother about him and concentrate on herself. Ridhima forcefully takes him along and shows Gehna and Agastya holding each other’s hands. She provokes Surya against Gehna and says husband is in tension while wife is enjoying with a male friend, this happens in big cities and not in small cities or else husband would never like wife meeting a male friend at this time. Surya walks away angrily.

Gehna notices Surya leaving and Ridhima staring at Agastya. She walks to Ridhima and taunts her that she has fallen in Surya’s love. Ridhima says she loves Surya. Gehna says it looks the other away and she sees her liking Agastya more.

She says she can help her in this as she is Agastya’s good friend, she can lead a happy life with Agastya instead of falling for a married man; says she loves Surya a lot and even cannot see her good friend Agastya falling into a conspiracy. She says if she truly loves Agastya, she can help her.

Surya meets Agastya and asks how is his new office going. Agastya says he is lucky to have Gehna in her team as she is both intelligent and emotional. He further says that he will propose Gehna once Surya divorces her. Surya stands shocked. Agastya laughs and says he as just joking,

he truly wants Gehna and Surya to reuite again. Once he leaves, Surya returns home and notices Shreya and Dadi happily feeding food to Kartik. Gehna walks to him. SuhanI prokokes Surya that if Gehna is a true and loyal person, why is Gehna supporting Urmila abandoning her; is it because Gehna is behind Urmila’s property share. Surya says if Gehna was behind money,

she would have divorced him and took alimony and instead Gehna wants to save their marriage. Suhani says Gehna didn’t know about Urmila’s share then, now she wouldn’t divorce him. She says she is sure Urmila and Gehna are up to something or else why would Gehna bring Urmila after so many years.

Surya says he doesn’t want to talk about it and leaves. He recalls Agastya and Urmila’s words and looks sad. Gehna thinks Suhani troubled Surya a lot, she will not let Suhani emotionally blackmail Surya anymore and will use Suhani’s weapons on Suhani.


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gehna and Sura attend divorce hearing where judge asks them to take some more time if they want to. Suhani emotionally blackmails Surya.Surya announces to divorce Gehna.


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