Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 9th May 2022 Suhani’s guards follow Gehna and Surya’s biological mother Urmila. They both run, but are caught by the goons. Gehna warns them to stay away from them or else she will complain against them to Surya. Guards say they are following Suhani’s order.

Urmila asks Gehna to run whenever she says signals her and walks towards cliff end directing guards’ attention towards her. Guards warn her that she cannot escape and should return to Suhani. Urmila falls down from cliff. Goons consider he dead and search for Gehna next. Gehna hides and when the leave walks towards cliff end to check. She hears Suhani pleading for help and lifts her up.

Gehna writhes in pain due to her toe injury. Urmila forces her to sit and cleans her wound. She asks if its paining. Gehna says she is feeling peace of a mother’s comfort from a stranger. Urmila reveals that she is Surya’s biological mother and Gehna’s MIL. Gehna gets emotional hearing that and says she was feeling that someone wants to help her and Surya. She asks if she is the one who donated blood to Surya,

sent her chit and asked her to visit temple, etc. Urmila agrees and says she cannot spend time with her son, but can at least save her life. She further recalls the old incident and reveals that she is Suhani’s younger sister who had an affair with Suhani’s husband and had an illegitimate child Surya. Suhani gets angry learning about Urmila’s affair with her husband and pushes her from the cliff.

Out of flashback, Gehna asks how did she escape death. Urmila reveals that a good samaritan saved her life and when she returned after 2 years she found Surya with Suhani accepted her as her son playing with the siblings, so she comforted herself and left without filing any complaint against Suhani. Gehna asks if she returned after ears to reveal her identity to Surya. Urmila says how can’t she when her son’s life is in danger.

Suhani says Surya is blindedfolded in Suhani’s love and will never believe Urmila. Urmila says he will if they present a solid proof. Gehna says she has Surya and Suhani’s DNA report. Urmila says that is really good, now they need to get a person who can help them. Gehna asks how can be that person. Urmila says Surya’s dadaji and Daadi both know the truth. Gehna recalls Dadaji and Daadi’s earlier conversation.

Surya gets worried for Gehan when she doesn’t return home till night and calls her number, but with no response. Suhani says Gehna tells never informs before leaving the house and thinks he shouldn’t know that she sent goons behind Gehna. Surya says he will file police complaint. Suhani tries to stop him, but in vain.

Gehna returns home. Surya asks where was she and asks her to get in and freshen up. Suhani stops Gehna and yells at her. Dadaji with Dadi walks in next and says that he hadd called Gehna to pick them up from the bus stand. He recalls how Gehna showing Urmila’s bangles to him and questioning why he hid the truth from Surya. He says its to protect Surya. She says Surya deserves to know the truth. He says everything will be ruined if this truth comes out.

Surya asks Gehna to always inform Suhani before leaving the house. Suhani sends everyone except Geha and questions Gehna why did Urmila send her a note.

Gehna asks if she doesn’t know that one shouldn’t check other’s personal stuff. Suhani challenges that she will find out about the note and the woman soon. Gehna taunts why she is so concerned about ithe lady, if she is related to her. After some time, Surya notices someone riding his bike and is suprirsed to see its Gehna.


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