Saavi Ki Savaari 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 12th September 2022 Episode starts with Saavi telling the neighbors that she was stuck in rain. Ratna asks the neighbors to go, hugs Saavi and asks her to handle Sonam.

Sonam comes out and asks Saavi to come with her now itself. Nutan comes out and tells Ratna that hanuman gali people are worried as Saavi was stuck in rain. Ratna says they just want to know about Saavi. Sonam asks Saavi to sit.

Saavi asks did I do anything wrong. Sonam asks what did you go so far from Ujjain, and says she tried a lot worrying about her. Saavi says nothing happened to her. She says I don’t know you will be worried. Sonam says I will go away from you to Nityam’s house. She asks her to tell what she talked to Nityam.

Sonam then comes to Ratna and tells that Saavi didn’t know anything about kundali. Ratna is relaxed. Sonam says you will get wrinkles if you take tension. Ratna says people will call me your sister. Saavi comes there and asks Sonam why she didn’t tell about the news. Sonam tells that she trusts her.

Saavi thanks her for understanding and says don’t know how Dalmia will react. Nityam locked himself in his room. Everyone knocks on the door. He opens the door and asks Vedika to call Sonam’s family and tell that he wants to get engaged tomorrow itself instead of next week, so that people stop connecting my name to rickshaw wali. Vedika says Nityam. He says Saavi.

All goel family see the shagun sent by Vedika with a letter. Saavi reads it, that Nityam wants the engagement to happen tomorrow itself, so she is sending all the stuff. Saavi says I thought he will react. Sonam says you are not important for him and may be he realized that he will overcome all life storms with me.

Ratna says Vedika ji has sent clothes, jewellery and everything for us. Nutan says what about the engagement ring. Brijesh asks Saavi to go and get money from bank. Sonam says our hardship days will be over. Saavi thinks from where to bring money for the engagement, as I had given money to Moni Rakshas.

Nityam sees his father’s death in his dream and wakes up scared. Shivam’s friend asks him to act to suicide. Shivam says he can’t act. His friend says your love seems to be fake. Shivam scolds him and says my love is not fake for Sona.

He keeps knife on his neck. Saavi comes out of the house and thinks she had lied that the money is in the bank. She comes to Moni Rakshas. Moni Rakshas keeps knife on her neck. His assistant tells that she had said that she will never come, but she came. Moni Rakshas tells that the loan and its interest will prove costly for you.

Sonam thinks Nityam had messaged her. She sees Shivam’s video message in which he is threatening to die, if she doesn’t come to meet him. Sonam is shocked and drops the phone on the door. Saavi comes there and hears the voice. Sonam picks the phone and keeps it on the bed.

Saavi says this voice seems familiar. Sonam says she was watching a video, to get rid of stress. Saavi says she will ask the parlour girl to come here at 4 pm. Sonam says no and tells that she has appointment with another parlour at 4 pm. Saavi says only the right thing will happen tomorrow.

Vedika asks Nityam if he didn’t sleep all night, and asks if he talked to Sonam. Nityam says no. Tashu opens his phone and says he talked to her for nearly 4 mins, and messaged her also about business. Vedika asks him to talk about love. She emotionally blackmails him.

Nityam calls Sonam and says I am sending driver to pick you up, send your saloon location. Tashu says we shall give them world’s most boring award to them. Sonam gets ready to go to saloon. Ratna says Saavi will take you. Saavi comes there in auto and asks her to sit. Sonam sits in her auto and thinks she might be my enemy in last birth.

Shivam is in the temple. His friend Krishna asks where is your Laila? Shivam says he will record the video. Krishna says Sonam is bewafa. Saavi drops Sonam in the parlour and asks her to take a selfie. Sonam asks her to see herself. Saavi goes in her auto. Sonam comes out of the parlour seeing her gone and leaves.

Nityam calls on Sonam’s number. Saavi picks the call and tells him about dropping Sonam to parlour. Nityam is not interested to talk to her. Saavi says she will go back and give her phone. She goes back, but Sonam is not there. Saavi wonders where did she go? Sonam comes to the temple. Shivam hugs her and tells that today is their engagement. Sonam gets shocked.


Saavi Ki Savaari 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nityam introduces Sonam as his future wife in the party. Sonam and Nityam are about to share the rings. Sonam realizes she has forgotten to take off the ring given by Shivam.


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