Saavi Ki Savaari 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 13th September 2022 Episode starts with Saavi wondering where did Sonam go? She gets a call from Nutan asking if she dropped Sonam to parlour. Saavi says yes, but. Nutan says your parlour friend came here.

Saavi says I forgot to cancel her. Nutan says the parlour girl will have loss, and asks her to get some make up done by her, along with Ratna. Shivam tells Sonam that he thought she came for engagement. She says she got ready for her cousin’s engagement. She says she came here as he sent her stupid video.

She then says if anything happens to you, then how your Sona baby will stay. She says I am getting late and shall leave. Shivam calls her and says what could be the right than this place. He says Mahadev is the witness of our love. He takes off rings from his pocket for both of them. Sonam is tensed.

Vedika asks Giridhar to get the flowers hanged there. She sees Nityam and says he is looking handsome. The guest lady asks when you will introduce your bahu. Just then Saavi comes there with the family. Nityam recalls the news. The guest think Saavi as Sonam. Vedika clears them that she is her would be bahu’s sister.

Saavi comes and touches Vedika’s feet. Vedika says you are looking very beautiful in the lehenga. She asks shall we get you engaged too? Saavi takes it jokingly. Nityam touches Nutan’s feet and greets others. Ratna tells Ananya that the decoration is good, so how will be the wedding? Ananya says destination wedding.

Nityam tells Saavi that he wants to talk to her, and asks her to come. Dimpy and Himesh hear them. She says whenever I see this auto wali, I get angry. Himesh says just as Nityam marry her sister, I will not let her enter Dalmia house. Dimpy says where are they going?

Nityam asks Saavi, where is Sonam? Saavi says Didi haven’t come here yet. She says may be she got late in parlour. Nityam says she should have reached here by now. Shivam asks Sonam if she has changed her mind. Sonam says today is my engagement, looks at the knife on the ground and asks him to make her wear the ring.

Shivam gets happy and hugs Krishna. Nityam tells Saavi that she shall take Sonam’s place for now, and clear to the guests and media about the fake rumours about them. Saavi says how can I do this? Nityam says it is your hobby to poke your nose in someone else matters, and talking nonsense.

Saavi refuses to talk to media. Nityam says my would be wife can’t be rickshaw wali and she is MBA topper, intelligent and smart. Saavi asks if he is marrying Sonam for publicity stunt. The reporters come there and ask if their love increased after that night. Nityam asks them to ask her. Saavi tells the reporters that she is not his fiancé, but her sister is his fiancé, who is MBA topper and a perfect life partner for him.

The reporters asks about Sonam. Nityam says he will share their photos after the engagement. Krishna takes the photos of Shivam and Sonam. He then takes the video, as they get engaged. Shivam tells the poetry and makes her wear the ring. Krishna says make him wear the ring.

Sonam makes him wear the ring. Shivam says I love you. Sonam says I need to go and tells that everyone is waiting for her. Shivam says he has booked table for them in the 5 star hotel, it is a big day for us. Nutan asks Ratna about Sonam. Ratna says she has gone to parlour. Vedika says guests are asking. Nutan says she has gone to parlour. Vedika says she is already beautiful.

Nityam gets the message that Sonam is not there. He asks Saavi, why did she send the wrong location. Saavi says she sent the right address. Nityam calls her, but the phone rings with Saavi. Nityam asks why didn’t you give her phone. Saavi is about to say, when she sees Sonam and stops.

Sonam says Saavi sent you wrong location. Saavi says I sent him right location. Vedika comes there. Saavi signs her to touch her feet. Sonam touches her feet. Vedika asks if you had gone to parlour as make up is dull.

Saavi says she will do touch up of Sonam’s make up. Vedika asks Nityam to cheer up. Saavi tells Sonam that she knows that she lied, and didn’t get the make up done. Sonam says if you don’t want to do make up then I will do. Saavi says she will do. She thinks Sonam is very stressed.

Krishna tells Shivam that Sonam is not loyal to him and is standing unhappy with him. He says she rejected 5 star food for her cousin’s engagement. Shivam says my heart knows that my ring is in her hand. Saavi brings Sonam to the hall. Nityam helps Sonam get on the stage. He introduces Sonam as his future wife, Mrs. Dalmia.

Himesh asks Dimpy if she made arrangements to spoil the evening. Dimpy says sometimes we don’t need to do anything. She that Sonam is stressed and will do something wrong. Vedika says we shall get the engagement done. Ratna asks Mahadev to support them. Saavi gives the ring in Nityam’s hand.

He takes it. Sonam makes him wear the ring first. Everyone claps. Nutan tells Saavi that their respect is sparkling in Nityam’s fingers, because of Saavi. Saavi smiles. Nityam asks Sonam how is the ring? Sonam says it’s beautiful.

Nityam holds her hand to make her wear the ring, but she is already wearing the ring. He looks at her. Everyone looks on. Sonam thinks I didn’t take out Shiv’s ring. Nityam asks what is it? Dimpy thinks double ring, double dhamaka. Saavi looks on.


Saavi Ki Savaari 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Saavi confronts Sonam about the man in her life. Sonam says he is a blackmailer. Saavi goes to the PS and tells that the matter is about Sonam Goel. Nityam comes there and calls Inspector Shrivastav. Saavi looks at him.


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