Saavi Ki Savaari 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Vedika telling Nutan that they will leave. Nutan says I am younger than you. Vedika says I am your Didi now and praises her for her good values. Ratna tells that they have a business and sometimes Saavi rides auto as the hobby.

Ratna gives the agarbattis to them and asks Saavi to distribute it. Saavi is about to give it to Nityam. Sonam snatches it and gives to Nityam. Ratna asks Vedika what is next? Vedika says I will call surely. They are in the car. Vedika thinks about Saavi and is impressed with her. Nityam thinks about Sonam’s words (which she had copied from his interviews reading from newspapers and magazines).

Vedika asks Nityam about Saavi. Nityam asks do you know her, you just met her once. Vedika says one meeting is enough. Yudi asks her to ask Nityam about Sonam. Vedika asks Nityam. Just then he gets the call. Dada ji asks Vedika to end the call.

Himesh asks Dimpy to keep the sanitizer bottle. Dimpy feels insulted to go there. Ratna tells Nutan that Vedika was impressed with Saavi’s auto ride. Nutan tells that Vedika ji asked me to call Didi. Mama ji praises Dada ji and yudi.

Saavi tells that Dimpy was not good. Ratna says it seems you don’t want this marriage to happen. Saavi says she wants this marriage to happen for Sonam’s betterment. She prays that right thing shall happen.

Mama ji tells Ratna that Saavi wants Sonam’s betterment. Ratna asks him to make her understand. The lady comes to Saavi’s auto and asks her to drop her somewhere. She asks Saavi if she is jealous of her Didi’s betterment. Saavi gets thinking.

Nityam comes home with everyone. He asks them to come inside. Yudi says until you tell us about Sonam, we will stand here. Dada ji asks Yudi to be careful. Vedika asks how is Sonam? Nityam says good, and asks them to talk about marriage.

He asks Yudi to come inside and goes. Vedika, yudi and Dada ji get happy that he agreed for marriage. Himesh and Dimpy come home. Vedika informs them that Nityam agreed for marriage. Dimpy gets upset, but asks himesh to dance and distribute sweets.

Sonam and Shivu meet at the coffee shop. He says you didn’t congratulate me for my job and don’t pick my call either. Nutan calls her and says Nityam agreed to marry you. Sonam is surprised and shouts what? She then says what.

Ratna says you are going to be Sonam ji Dalmai ji. She imagines her lavish life with Nityam, but her imagination ends. Shivam asks whose call was it? She tells that she has applied for the job in a company and got the job.

She says she shall go home. Shivam holds her hand and says we got good jobs, and we are professionally settled. He says he feels that this is the right time to settle down personally. He asks when to meet your family. Sonam says no, and says first let me tell them about you. Shivam asks her to look at him.

He asks if you love me? She nods her head. He says the day I don’t see love in your eyes, I will end myself. Saavi gets down the auto to get change to give to customer, and asks the customer to be in the auto until she comes. Nutan calls Saavi and tells that Nityam agreed for marriage. Saavi gets happy for Sonam. Just then she sees Sonam hugging Shivam, but doesn’t see his face. She thinks Sonam di is here.

Tashu tells Vedika that it is bhai’s sleeping time, he will get angry. Vedika says no and knocks on his door. He opens the door. Vedika says she was keeping the kundalis, when she saw that tomorrow is Sonam’s birthday. Nityam says he has meeting at 7 am with international clients. Vedika gets upset. Nityam asks Tashu to close the door while going.

Sonam asks Saavi what do you mean that I was with someone else. Saavi says I saw you with someone else and felt as if you both feel for one another. Sonam hugs her and asks did you feel anything. She says even I didn’t feel for you. Saavi says if you like that guy, then we can talk about him. Sonam says he was her friend and tells that she was pacifying him. She says you have judged Nityam until now, and now Judging me. She asks her to go and tell everyone that she is someone’s girlfried.

Dimpy tells himesh that she was near victory, when Nityam snatched everything from her. She asks what did I get? He says you got me? Dimpy says yes. He asks her not to take tension and says you are Rani of the house. He says if Nityam did wrong with you, then you have also. Dimpy shouts Himesh.

Tashu comes there and asks Himesh and Dimpy, what they were planning against Nityam. Dimpy says you care for your cousin. Tashu says he is dear to her and insults Dimpy. Himesh asks her to apologize. Ratna asks Saavi what they are talking? She then tells that Sonam is making laddoos for Nityam. Sonam says only she is perfect for Nityam, if any other girl stand with him, then will look imperfect like the laddoo made by Saavi. Saavi says she will remove it. Sonam says no. Tashu asks Himesh to get himself checked.

Dimpy asks do you have any work? Tashu says Badimaa called you for Sonam’s birthday plan. Dimpy says keep one samosa and pastry in the paper plate and sent. Tashu says she will tell this to Badimaa. Dimpy says I will come. Himesh says he can’t understand her.

Ratna asks Saavi to ask for her sister tomorrow. Saavi says she will pray that the right thing shall happen. Dimpy sets off the candle and says happy birthday ms. Goel.


Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vedika sends cake for Sonam wishing her happy birthday. Later they invite them to the birthday party. Nityam makes Saavi wear the chain thinking her to be Sonam. Everyone looks shocked.


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