Saavi Ki Savaari 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 27th October 2022 Episode starts with everyone sitting to taste Gulab Jamun made by Saavi. UD tastes it first. Himesh eats Gulab Jamun and feels like vomiting. Vedika tells Dada ji that she always make tasty Gulab Jamun and says how to praise self. UD says she knows the taste made by her and says first rasoi Gulab Jamun is tasty.

Dada ji tells that this Gulab jamun is very tasty than that of Vedika’s Jamuns. Vedika asks Nityam what is his take? Nityam asks them to wrap it soon, and says he is going to office. Vedika asks Himesh. Himesh feels stomach pain. Dimpy tries to feed him more Gulab Jamun being upset with him. Himesh runs from there.

UD tells Saavi that Vedika has forced her to take her first step towards her, and says she is sure that she will also take a step towards her. She asks her to mingle with everyone like she made Gulab Jamun today. She makes her wear their ancestral necklace and goes. Vedika hugs her and says my bestie. Saavi smiles.

Himesh comes to the room and rushes to bathroom again and again. Saavi comes to Dimpy’s room and knocks on the door asking Himesh if he is fine. Himesh says Gulab Jamun. Saavi says everyone had it, then why you got unwell. She sees the Gulab Jamun in the bowl and thinks it can’t be mine, it is smelling bad.

She says I will bring something for you so that you don’t get hydration. She brings salt and sugar water and gives him. She says if you don’t drink it then you have to get glucose drip. He says he is scared of glucose drip and drinks salt-sugar water. Saavi asks if Dimpy had given him this idea. Himesh says actually when Dimpy had come here, UD had not blessed her for her first rasoi so she was upset and wanted to spoil your first rasoi. Saavi says I will bring more water for you.

Himesh calls Dimpy and informs her. Dimpy gets angry. Saavi comes to her. Dimpy tries to clarify that Himesh had said that as his mind is not working. Saavi says I know why you have done this, as still you have the pain in your heart. She says she will try to lower her pain and asks her to take her bangles which UD gave to her.

Dimpy says you want to give these precious shagun bangles to me. Saavi says I got want I wanted, UD’s blessings. She asks her to take it and says I hope your wounds get healed with this, so that you don’t hurt anyone especially your husband who loves you a lot. Dimpy is stunned. She gets Sonam’s call and insists to meet her.

Saavi comes to her room and sees jewellery kept there with a saree. She thinks of Nityam and UD’s words. Vedika thinks why Saavi didn’t get ready by now, Nityam is waiting, she has to go for pagphera.

Dimpy meets Sonam in her car. Sonam opens the box and asks if this is gift for me. Dimpy says it was actually shagun of Saavi for her first rasoi, but proof that Saavi is a good player who can defeat us in our game. Sonam asks what do you mean? Dimpy says Saavi has given these bangles to me without thinking anything, this proves she is not greedy about money, things, and luxury. She is honest, loyal and have self esteem and her wealth is her family and their love. Sonam says I know my sister’s irritating qualities. Dimpy says what is saavi’s qualities is your weakness.

Saavi comes downstairs getting ready in the saree kept by Vedika. Vedika says you listened to UD and not me. Saavi says she always used to regard her as her mother, and calls her thank you Maa. Vedika asks her to go carefully. Saavi comes to Nityam. Nityam looks at her. Saavi says think whatever you are thinking, and says now I am doing the role of Dalmia bahu and whatever I do, I do with my heart fully,

and says you can tell anything to me, gold digger and greedy to me. She says lets go. Dimpy tells Sonam that even Nityam has same qualities as Saavi and couldn’t see her goodness and qualities due to the blindfold of anger and hatred. She says before the blind fold gets opened, you have to take back your place from your sister, you have less time.

While Ananya has covered the fans, others have prepared to welcome Saavi and Nityam. She collides with Ratna and the water falls down. They get worried. Sonam says Saavi is not coming here for the first time. Brijesh says if she comes alone then she is ghar ki murgi and when she comes with damad ji she is…Ananya says Lamborgini. Tillu comes there and says he has forgotten his mobile charger here. Brijesh gets upset. Tillu asks if any VIP is coming here.

Nityam and Saavi get down from the car outside the house. The neighbors greet them. Brijesh goes to see the arrangements. Ratna asks Tillu not to come to the house. Tillu says you will call me when you have any work. The neighbor says bring the garland for damad ji and play dhol. Saavi says no. They dance and hold Nityam’s hands. Nityam smiles.


Saavi Ki Savaari 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ratna gets attack or may be she pretends. Saavi says we shall take Mami to hospital. Brijesh asks if CNG is there in Chattriprasad. Saavi says yes. Nityam asks vedika if she thinks her bestie will ride chattriprasad. Vedika says Saavi will never become auto wali again. Brijesh asks her to ride it. Saavi sits in Chattriprasad and takes Ratna to hospital. Vedika says she will never ride Chattriprasad.


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