Saavi Ki Savaari 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 4th November 2022 Episode starts with UD shouting informing Vedika about the fire break out in the temple. Vedika shouts asking Giridhar to bring fire extinguisher. Saavi comes downstairs and is about to go near the temple. Vedika stops her saying fire is catching up fast, don’t go there.

Divya asks Nityam if he wants to threaten her, that he will get her channel closed. Nityam says I didn’t want to insult you, and tells that after she left, an incident happened which was bitter and it happens when two people from different worlds get together. Razak and other auto drivers see the fire in Dalmia house.

Razak tries to go inside, but Munna and others stop him. Dimpy tells that something inauspicious happened that God is upset with us, and he himself is burning. Nityam tells that he don’t want to record her something unsual, that changes her beautiful message. He asks her not to think it as he is threatening her.

He gets a call and gets shocked. He runs. Kiran runs behind him. Razak tells Munna and others that he can’t stop himself and can’t let his sister in danger. He runs inside. Other auto drivers also run inside. Razak asks them to save Lakshmi ji and Ganesh ji’s idol first, and covers his uniform on the idols to save them from burning.

They try to set off the fire. Nityam comes there running and takes fire extinguisher from Saavi’s Chattriprasad. He comes inside and sprays the fire extinguisher. Saavi comes near there. Vedika shouts Saavi. Everyone coughs due to the smoke. The fire sets off. Razak removes the uniforms from the idols.

One of the uniform is burnt. Everyone folds their hands before the God and Goddess. Razak tells Saavi that they have saved the idols. Nityam asks them to stop and says you regard Saavi as your sister, we will be glad if you attend the Diwali puja and bless Saavi. UD thanks them for saving the idols. Saavi smiles. Nityam and Saavi do the puja together. Vedika is happy to see them together, and hopes they shall never get anyone’s bad sight.

Tashu says nothing wrong can happen in the house in Saavi bhabhi’s presence. Dimpy gets upset. Sonam pours water on the agarbatti raw materials boxes with the bucket and picks the Diya, says no happy Diwali, but happy Diwala. Saavi cleans the idols and keeps them in the box. Servant takes away the box. Saavi folds the hands before the idols.

Nityam switches on the TV and hears the news, in which Divya is saying after Nityam got married to auto driver, there were many positive changes seen in him, and tells that his new aspect was shown when he celebrated Diwali heartfully with the auto drivers. He gets upset. Saavi comes there and tells that Giridhar and others have cleaned the house properly. She sees the news and asks him to increase the volume.

Nityam switches off the channel and tells her that he had worked hard to make his name, his childhood, happiness and everything he has sacrificed. But media couldn’t see anything and they think big news is my marriage with auto wali. He says he is indebted to Razak and the auto drivers for saving my family and I will do something for them. He says but what to do with you, and says you are stuck in my neck.

Saavi says I didn’t call them here, and asks what to do? Nityam asks if she hopes to live here then she shall forget her world and shall forget her work. He says you can do this. Saavi looks on. Ratna comes out and sees the raw materials boxes drenched in water and calls everyone.

Nutan says agarbatti order..we are ruined. Brijesh comes out and gets shocked. He asks them to save the stuff which is remaining. Sonam says nothing is left. Brijesh asks Ananya to lift the box, but everything is washed away. Brijesh says we are ruined.

Tashu calls Giridhar and tells him that today is Bhai Dooj. Saavi comes there. Tashu asks her to promise to protect her like Nityam used to promise. Saavi says yes. Vedika comes there and tells Saavi that Tashu is always excited and happy on this day, and wanted to do so much for Nityam. She calls Nityam and asks him to get ready. Nityam says ok, I will eat whatever you made it.

Dimpy hears and tells that Tashu is happy as if he is her real brother. She says she is getting vomit. He jokes and tells that Saavi has done the puja with Nityam. Dimpy tells that she will ruin Nityam and tells that Nityam has spread the news about her fraud so much and hyped her fraud, that her own brother broke relation with her. She gets teary eyes speaking about her brother, and tells that she is going out to have coffee with Sonam.

Sonam tells that they have to return the money back to the trust. Ratna asks Nutan to seek Saavi and Nityam’s work. Sonam thinks they shall not know.

In the kitchen, Saavi is kneading the flour and asks Vedika if UD didn’t come to the kitchen as she is there. Tashu tells Saavi that she had made dal tasty and even UD had appreciated. Saavi recalls Nityam’s words.


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nityam and Ananya celebrate Bhai Dooj with Tashvi and Saavi. Tashvi asks Nityam to give some other gift to her. She says she wants them to go for honeymoon. Sonam plans to ruin their honeymoon plans.


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