Saavi Ki Savaari 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Saavi Ki Savaari 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Dimpy sending Saavi to Nityam’s room. Sonam tells Nityam that she wants to talk to him alone.

He takes her to the hall and asks what do you want to talk? Sonam sees happy birthday Sonam decorated stuff, and asks him to get it removed from there. Nityam says it is done by Maa with love. Ratna hears them. Sonam tells Nityam that her birthday can’t be happy as she has lost her father on this day. She says you might be knowing what a father means. He says he will get the decoration removed.

Ratna asks Sonam to come with her. Vedika asks Tashu if all the arrangements are done in Nityam’s room. Tashu says yes, and tells that she will take Sonam there, asks Dimpy not to come there. Tashu comes to Nityam and asks him to come. Saavi comes to Nityam’s room and gets surprised seeing the big room.

Ratna confronts Sonam and asks why did she lie that her father’s death anniversary is today. She says it is in December then why did you lie? Sonam says she want to go and looks worried. Dimpy comes there and asks Sonam to come with her, as there is surprise for her, but before that she will show her house. Tashu asks Nityam to get romantic with her. She goes outside.

Nityam looks at the chain. Dimpy tells Sonam that they have 18 rooms and 3 living rooms. She says our outhouse is big than your house. She thinks to take her from long way, so that everyone gets shocked. She says there is gym in basement and asks her to come. Saavi comes out of the bathroom and gets happy seeing the crackers bursting outside the window. She thinks this day is the best birthday of her life.

Himesh takes pics and asks where is Sonam and Nityam? Mama ji says Sonam had gone to get Paneer tikka for me. Yudi comes to Ratna and asks what happened? She says it is good that we saw Sonam’s birth date on her kundali and it is a miracle that Nityam and Sonam’s rare kundalis matched.

Ratna is shocked. Nityam comes behind Saavi and makes her wear the chain. She says no, I. She turns to him. He asks what you are doing here? She sees decoration in his room.

Dimpy asks Sonam to come there and tells that she might miss the surprise. Saavi tells Nityam that she has come to use washroom. Nityam says you might have come to steal here. Saavi is shocked. Just then Tashu enters with everyone. Sonam asks what are you doing here? Saavi says she has come to washroom, dimpy had sent her. Dimpy says she had asked her to go to left, why will I send you here to spoil the moment. Saavi says I never forget directions.

Dimpy says as you ride the auto. Vedika says its ok. Saavi says I have done a big mistake and will correct it. She takes out chain and pendant and it falls down on the floor. Sonam thinks this is the good chance to take everyone from here. She thanks Nityam for whatever they have done, asks if we can end the party now.

Vedika says cake cutting is left. Nityam says no problem, shall leave it today. He says I will make car arrangements for you. Sonam handovers chain and pendant in Saavi’s hand and goes out of room. Saavi is standing and feeling bad.

Later in her room, Saavi cries and recalls everything. She cries. O re piya plays….Nutan asks her to sleep. She says Sonam didn’t tell you anything. Nityam thinks of Saavi. Vedika comes to Nityam and says Saavi has done a small mistake. He says don’t know if Saavi has done a mistake, or helpless.

Vedika says you are going to marry Sonam, and asks him to learn to forgive others, and be patient. He says your heart is more bigger than my heart. He says whenever Saavi comes infront of me, I couldn’t control my anger. Vedika asks him to control.

She says today I had sent cake to her house, when I asked her if rabdi flavor came. She said she couldn’t find. She says if she wanted, she would have lied to me. Nityam says my heart is not big as you. He goes to sleep. Vedika says he is successful businessman, but still worries about Saavi’s matter.

Tashu calls dimpy. Dimpy wakes up and comes out. Tashu says you have got Sonam busy in talks, and sent Saavi to bhai’s room. She says my eyes are on you and goes. Dimpy thinks if it is truth or dream.

Ratna comes to Sonam and confront her for her lies. She says you didn’t tell anything to Saavi, but due to her innocence, you could call off the party. Sonam tells her that she had changed her kundali with Saavi’s rare kundali, and that’s why Nityam alliance came for her. Ratna is shocked. Saavi comes and calls her. Sonam thinks if Saavi heard her.

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