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Saavi Ki Savaari 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Sonam telling Ratna that she has changed her kundali and destiny with Saavi. Saavi comes there and calls her. Sonam asks when did you come? Saavi says she was not getting sleep.

Sonam asks why, and starts taunting her for spoiling her evening, breaking Nityam’s gift, spoiling her mood etc. Saavi says no. Sonam says you think me as your witch evening who doesn’t know right and wrong. Saavi says no Didi. Sonam says I have no anger on you and praises her to manipulate Ratna.

She tells that Nityam is impressed with her qualification and not just kundali, else he wouldn’t have agreed for marriage. Ratna gets manipulated by Sonam. Sonam pretends as if she is getting Nityam’s message.

Saavi says I thought he is serious type. Sonam asks what you was telling her. Ratna says good night and goes with Saavi. Sonam sees Shivam’s message and thinks their relatives and crazy boyfriend are hindering her story with Nityam.

Shivam writes Shivam writes Sonam on the paper looking at her photo in his mobile. His friend Shivam warns him that Sonam is not interested in him, she is interested in him, but haven’t replied to his messages. Shivam beats him. Saavi thinks of Nityam. Sonam deletes the pic sent by Shivam . Krishna gives him an advice to Shivam

Vedika asks Nityam to give his friends’ list. He says he didn’t have any. She says I have forgotten. Nityam says there are some business associates whose list I will give and will introduce Sonam as partner. Vedika says life partner. He gets Saavi’s message. Vedika asks if partner messaged.

He deletes the message and says no. Saavi thinks he read the message, but didn’t answer. She is making rotis in the kitchen. Sonam tries to talk to Ratna. Ratna asks Saavi where is her concentration as the roti is burnt. Sonam asks shall I help? Ratna says no need. Nutan says Vedika ji called about mahurat. She asks Saavi to take her to old temple’s Pandit. Sonam asks why you want to go there.

Nutan says to take advice from him, and says he had matched Nityam and your kundali. Sonam drops the roti plate on the floor and bends down to pick it. Ratna picks it and gives it to Sonam. She then tells Nutan that they are rich and asks her not to talk about Kundali, else they will think that we don’t trust them or their Mahant.

She asks her to agree to the dates as told by them. Saavi asks Sonam, what is your opinion on this. Sonam says Mami can guide us, being the elder of the house. Ratna holds her hand, to support her lies.

Saavi comes and hugs Nutan. Nutan asks where is your bracelet? Saavi gets worried. Nutan says it must be in Chattriprasad. Vedika stops Nityam and says bracelet was found in your room. He asks whose it is? She says it is of Saavi and shows Saavi and her father’s pic. Nityam says its ok. He asks her to ask someone to go and give it.

She asks him to go and give it, else she will go. He asks if she saw baghban film. She says she saw half. Vedika says Saavi is Sonam’s sister, we have to take care of her. Nityam says my elder brother was related to me, but…it is good that he left. He goes in his car.

Saavi checks in her Chattriprasad and talks to her Papa’s pic. She thinks how to apologize to Nityam. Nityam calls her and asks her to meet at the crossroad in 30 mins. Saavi talks to her Papa’s pic and gets happy. Vedika looks at her sons’s pics. Yudi comes there. Vedika hides the pic. Yudi asks her not to hide her emotions from her.

Vedika says you know that Nityam hates his brother so much. Yudi says your one part of heart is always lost. Vedika says my family is incomplete, I didn’t see her, don’t know where did he go? Shivam is shown (hinting that he is Nityam’s elder brother). Shivam asks the way from someone and goes.

Nityam comes in his car and thinks she didn’t reach to the promised time. He attends the call and takes out his handkerchief, dropping bracelet on the road. Saavi’s auto stops on the road. She thinks Mr. Dishaheen must be waiting for me. Shivam is going from the place where Nityam is standing.

He gets down his bike and finds the bracelet on the road. He picks it and asks the nearby people. He opens the locket and finds Saavi and her father’s pic. He thinks it might be precious to the girl whose chain it is, and thinks to make it reach her. He comes to Nityam and signs him at his shoe lace which is opened.

Nityam tries to tie it, but he is holding tab in his one hand and phone in his other hand. Shivam sits down and ties his shoe lace surprising Nityam. Nityam asks what are you doing, and calls him brother. Their childhood fb is shown, when Shivam had tied Nityam’s shoe lace.

Nityam recalls this, and thanks him. He asks can I do something for you. Shivam asks can you tell the way to hanuman gali. Nityam says I met someone that life turned my face towards hanuman gali. Shivam thanks him, says your car is big, but knows about narrow lanes. You are rich, but heart is at the right place and says God bless you. He goes. Nityam smiles.

Ratna thinks of Sonam’s words. Sonam thanks her. Ratna says I will support you, but your real fight is with destiny, says it is rare that two rare kundalis matched. She says we have to keep Saavi and Nityam away from each other, else the game which you have initiated, you will lose surely.

Saavi comes to Nityam and tells that she got late as Chattriprasad was off on the way. She says today is bad day, as she lost her bracelet too. He says your bracelet had fallen in my room. Saavi says I had sent you sorry message. He says I have deleted it. Saavi thinks to stay calm for Sonam. She asks him to give bracelet. He checks in his pocket and says now I don’t have, may be I lost it. Saavi looks on sad.

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