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Saavi Ki Savaari 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Nityam telling Saavi that the bracelet is lost, it was with him before. Saavi says so you didn’t call me to give bracelet or to give, but called me to teach me a lesson for yesterday night. Nityam asks what, and tells that he doesn’t have time and energy to steal her bracelet.

He says I know your mentality, I can buy 1000’s of cheap bracelet like that while standing here. Saavi asks him to stop it and says don’t say anything about my bracelet. She says I am poor and rides auto, if my Papa had given me anything precious other than this bracelet, then it is self esteem.

She asks him to think before saying anything to her and goes. She is going to her home, when Shivam gets hurt with her auto. She stops the auto and asks if he is fine? Shivam says yes. She finds her bracelet on the ground and tells him that it is hers. He tells that he has found it on the road.

Saavi thinks she was wrong about Mr. Dalmia and thanks God for ending her confusion. He asks what is she thinking? Saavi says she was thinking about someone who looks like him, but he is very arrogant, proudish etc. She sees injury on his hand and asks him to come to her house which is nearby. Ratna asks Sonam to do facial. Nutan tells Ratna that Vedika called us to her house to select jewellery.

She says we shall take some snacks to her house. Mama ji says he has started preparation. Saavi brings Shivam to her house and tells that she will not let him go without the first aid. She tells her mother that Shiv gave her the lost bracelet. Sonam sees Shiv and applies face pack to her face.

Saavi is about to introduce him to Sonam, when the latter runs to her room. Saavi goes behind her. Sonam asks why did she bring a stranger home? Saavi says Shiv is a nice, educated and honest guy, who has come from Indore to Ujjain to search his life partner. She says I thought to help him.

Sonam thinks that girl is me, if he takes my name then everything will be ruined. She thinks what to do? Saavi comes to Shivam and says till I apply ointment on your hand, tell me about your girlfriend. Shivam starts praising Sonam without revealing her name. He is about to tell her name when Sonam calls him and asks where is he, she is ringing his door bell since long.

He asks if you are outside my house. She says your house is in Indore right. He says yes and tells that he had come to her Ujjain. He says he will come, but will be late. Sonam asks him to come fast and says she will stay there tonight. Shivam gets happy and tells Saavi that he has to go, as she is waiting at his house. Saavi asks him to go fast. Mama ji comes and asks him to have matri.

Shivam tastes it and says if my girlfriend betray me, then I will come to stay here. Nutan praises him. Mama ji asks Shivam to wash his hands and sends him to washroom. Sonam sees Shivam coming there and applies face pack to her face and goes silently. Shivam tells Ananya that she looks cute without face pack and goes to washroom. He then comes out and leaves.

Kiran sees Nityam in the office and says Sir, you are here, I will call driver. He says I thought Vedika Maam said that your inlaws are coming home. Nityam says she has no problem if I am not here. He scolds the employee and asks them to take interest in work. Vedika messages him and says I know you don’t want to see someone by coming home. He says right Maa, don’t want to see Saavi.

Himesh asks Dimpy, why did she give idea to vedika to call Sonam’s family here. Dimpy says she will hurt their self esteem today, that this relation will break. Tashu hears them and says her sight is on her.

Sonam and her family come to Nityam’s house. Vedika asks Sonam why she didn’t ask Nityam to come. Sonam says he was busy so. Dimpy asks what is in the bag? Nutan says we don’t come empty handed.

Saavi says they have brought matri. Vedika tastes it and likes it. She asks about the recipe. She then asks the jeweller to show the designs. The jeweller shows the jewellery designs. Nutan says it is too much. Dimpy says Vedika Bau di will bring moon down on the earth for her bahu.

She asks Sonam to choose whatever she likes. Vedika asks Saavi to tell about her choice. Saavi chooses a light weight necklace. Ratna says it is light weight and will not work for Dalmia. Dimpy silently puts a necklace in their bag. Vedika asks them to select ring for Nityam.

Saavi says we have chosen a ring in our nearby jewellery store, needs to know his ring size. Vedika tells the jeweller that she will send him the bill amount and asks him to bring designs for marriage. The jeweller closes the box. Vedika asks Saavi to tell the secret recipe. The jeweller tells Vedika that the diamond necklace was missing from the box. Vedika asks him to check in his bag.

The jeweller says nothing has gone missing till now, but today. Vedika shouts at the jeweller and says she will pay the money, but he shall not say anything to her relatives. Nutan says we didn’t feel bad, let him check with us. Vedika says no. Dimpy says no simple is thief, and they also have respect.

She says how they will feel that they are blamed for the theft. Nutan asks the jeweller to check in their bag. The jeweller’s employee checks their purse. The jeweller asks his employee to check their bag too. Nityam comes there and asks what is happening here? The jeweller says one necklace is missing. Nityam looks at Saavi doubting at her.

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