Sanjivani 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Sanjivani 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Sanjivani 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Ishani coming to Sid. She asks why did you call me here, did you realize your mistake, I have no interest to talk. Sanya says I have called both of you here, don’t get angry. Ishani hugs her and asks how are you. Sanya says I got fine because of you two, I have made this for my angels. They see the cards and hug her. Sanya says I love you. They say love you very much. They see each other. Sanya goes.

Sid says Ishani, I can understand what you are feeling. She asks really, explain me when did you and Asha…. you knew my feelings, were you playing a game with me or Asha, love and friendship have no meaning, thank you for teaching this lesson, one shouldn’t trust anyone, especially you, we both are right when we are distant. She goes. He say we aren’t distant despite being separated. He cries.

A hooded guy follows Asha. Ishani collides with him. She says sorry. He goes. Rishabh says Sid is right, he was dating Ishani and Asha, he is a casanova, his degree is fake. Rahil asks do you think Sanjivani hires doctors with fake degree, we all know that Sid is the best doctor, we should not get involved in his personal matter, don’t say nonsense, he is a better doctor. Rishabh thinks one day I will make you and Sid fall down. Ishani comes to the cafe and orders food. She says what do I have to do by staying healthy. She sees the vada pau and recalls Sid. Sid asks Asha to have home made food. He asks her to take medicines. Asha says I forgot medicines at home. Sid asks her to have food, else he will feed her by his hands. She says I will eat the food, you get the medicines.

Sid also orders vada pau with extra chutney. He recalls Ishani. Ishani sees the same guy looking at Asha. She goes and asks who are you. The guy leaves. Sid asks Asha to have food. Ishani goes to see. Nurse says I have seen that guy following Asha, shall we inform security. Ishani says I will see, thanks. She sees CCTV camera. She says I shall check it. The watchman leaves from the room. Ishani gets in. She sees the guy following Asha. She says who is he, show your face, oh no… this guy knows about the CCTV cameras, I have to warn security. She calls the guard and asks him to find the guy wearing the hoodie. She says I will find out and not let you do anything wrong. She goes. The guy goes to attack her.

Sid hears the guards talking about Ishani going alone to find the guy. Sid thinks is she in any trouble. The guy points knife at Ishani’s neck. She asks him to keep it away, who is he. Sid thinks I hope nothing happens to her. Ishani fights with the guy. She throws the soil at him. She asks him to show his face now. She gets shocked when he removes the mask. She sees Aman and drops the knife. She says Dr. Aman….


Sanjivani 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ishani asks what’s all this, why are you following Asha, what happened. Sid looks for her. Ishani gets Aman’s phone.


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