Sanjivani 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Sanjivani 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjivani 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Asha tells Ishani now she must be wondering why they didn’t tell anyone about their marriage. It’s because before Sid could talk to Ishani or anyone else, she found out that her father along with villagers learned what she did and were coming to her. She cries and asks Ishani to forgive her for ruining her and Sid’s relationship. Ishani tells her not to cry. Ishani then turns to Sid and says whatever he did was right. She knew she didn’t love wrong person. She tells him not to be sorry, be proud. She is with him in his decision.

Both look at each other. She slowly starts walking away. Sid says in his mind that he didn’t want to hurt her. Vardhan disturbs them. He says he just came to see Asha and then says bill will be on Sid’s name, right? as he is her husband. Ishani walks away. Vardhan then tells Sid to take care as so much has happened with him lately. Sid thanks but says he doesn’t need his advice. He leaves. Vardhan laughs and says Sid doesn’t know what’s going to happen with him.

Juhi tells Shashank whatever happened wasn’t right, but now they know why Sid did all that. Why he’s worried still. Shashank says they are like his children, he has to be worried. During such times, a woman suffers the most. It needs a lot of courage to take such bold step. Rohini sees Shashank and Juhi. Before they see her, she hides.

Ishani enters the elevator without knowing Sid is there. Everyone gets off the elevator and them two are alone. She is coughing. She takes some tablet, but is unable to control her coughing. She chokes. Sid helps her by grabbing her and helping remove tablet. They both have teary eyelock. She then gets off and walks away. Shashank tells Sid to make sure his personal issues don’t affect his professional life. He has to find balance between his personal and professional life. Sid says he will try. Shashank tells him that he has one more responsibility. Ishani has gone through a lot. She deserves to know what’s going on inside him. He can try to make her a friend at least. After Shashank leaves, Sid says in his mind that he wants to talk to Ishani because she is suffering and so is he.

Juhi and Shashank are in a cafe. Juhi tells him not to think too much. Sometimes they have to go with the flow of life. He says not sometimes, always. They think they control their destiny, but that’s not true. He thought she deserves to know what he feels for her, so he told her. Sometimes, he thinks he should have told her before surgery. But he was afraid to lose their mutual respect. She says she lost her ‘humsafar’, but now she doesn’t want this support to be lost ever.

Neil and others have gathered for Diwali celebration. Rishab tells Sid and Asha to do first diya as they are a newlywed couple. Sid and Ishani look at each other and wish all this was a dream and a lie. They wish everything was like before.. they could be celebrating together instead standing separate.


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