Sanjivani – Sid finally expose Asha, Asha to get exposed


The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Sanjivani 2 will showcase interesting twist and turn.It was earlier seen that Ishani tries to warn Sid over Asha’s manipulations.As Sid humiliates Ishani, Ishani takes a decision to keep herself away from Sid.

Sid thus takes a big time decision where he decides to get some evidence against Asha.Sid Rahil and Neil teams up to trap Asha, where Asha gets trapped in their master plan.Asha goes to inject poison to Rahil to make him more sick where Sid catches her red handed.

Asha and Vardhan very well played their dirty games with Sid and Ishani.However not anymore after all Sid has taken the charge to expose Asha before everyone.Vardhan now targets Rahil and compels Asha to inject poison to him to make him sicker.

Interestingly, Rahil, Neil, and Sid all entrap Asha in her own cheap game.The day has come and Sid has caught Asha red-handed with poisonous injection which she planned to inject Rahil.While Rahil portrays good drama, Sid and Neil catch Asha’s deadly move.

Sid exposes Asha before entire Sanjivani staff.Ferocious Sid makes Asha expel from Sanjivani and pours colour on Asha’s doctor coat.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.Let’s wait for Sid’s action move after he learned the reality.


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