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Sanjog 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 13th September 2022 Amrita asks Maasa to come with them, you can’t be angry with your granddaughter for so long, Tara is waiting for you. Maasa shouts that you gave her a name without even consulting me? A girl can’t raise our family to the next generations so I wanted a son.

Amrita says a woman gives birth to sons, a woman leaves her home to make new generations. Please don’t be angry and come with me. Rajeev and Alok come there. Amrita says Maasa doesn’t want to come to the pooja. Rajini says she is not feeling well. Maasa says you people couldn’t even wait for me to heal?

Rajeev scolds Amrita and says you should have waited till Maasa was fine. Amrita says it’s not about her being injured but she is doing all this because I had a daughter, you people can’t stop me from doing the pooja for my daughter.

Gopal is taken to the court and the judge gives him jail time of 7 years. Gauri is outside the court. Gopal is brought out, Gauri hugs him and cries. She says it was my mistake but you took the punishment?

Gopal says Chanda is with you, just take care of my family and I will be back soon. His mother asks him to make his daughter taste honey. Gopal says that’s your right, his mother says you are bigger than us now. Gopal makes his daughter taste it and smiles. He blesses her.

The priest tells Amrita that we don’t have much time left. Rajeev says we should postpone it. Amrita says this pooja is important for my daughter, if Maasa can’t come then I will do it, she makes her daughter taste honey with her hands. Maasa arrives there with her luggage, she says I can’t bear more insults so I am leaving. Rajeev asks Amrita to apologize to Maasa,

you have insulted her. Amrita says sorry to Maasa and says I did what was right for my daughter but I am sorry for hurting you, it’s your house so you don’t need to leave. I am really sorry. She asks her to bless her granddaughter now. Maasa says if I leave this house then I will never come back.

If you want me to live here then keep your daughter away from me. She can stay here but not for me. She leaves from there. Amrita tells Rajeev that how can she hate her because she is a girl? Rajeev says it’s okay, its her thought process but don’t forget that she is my mother like you are Tara’s mother. Alok comes there and thinks how to tell Amrita that this is not even her real daughter.

Gauri’s daughter is crying but she is ignoring her. His mother asks her to take care of him. Gauri says this girl took away Gopal from me. She is a bad omen for us. A man comes there and says there was a police raid but you got saved because you stayed back because of your daughter. His mother says see your Chanda saved you today. Gauri looks on.

Rajini comes to Amrita and says Maasa is not feeling well. She is crying in pain. Amrita says I will take Tara with me. Rajini says Manju can take care of her, just come with me. Amrita recalls Rajeev’s words to take care of his mother. Amrita leaves from there. Rajini smirks.

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