Sanjog 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sanjog 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 14th September 2022 Amrita tells Maasa that she will home-school Tara, Rajeev asks if she has gone crazy? Amrita says she need focus and time to bring her on the right path. Rajeev says you left the meeting today and I had to face a loss, now you want to stay home for Tara? Amrita says I can leave work for Tara,

she is the most important to me. Rajeev says I would have asked you to leave the work, you think I can’t run the business without you but I can replace you and you can stay home to school Tara. I will see how you will prove to be a good mother. Amrita says I didn’t know you would react like this but I will do everything for Tara. Rajeev says just make sure Tara’s school year wouldn’t waste.

Maasa says we will send her to a boarding school if you are unsuccessful. They all leave. Amrita sees Tara crying, Tara runs to the room and says I don’t want to talk to you. Amrita hugs her. Tara says don’t you love me? Why are you sending me to a boarding school? Amrita says I won’t let them send you away, your mama loves you the most, you are my life. Tara says I love you too. Amrita says take some rest, I will go and meet Alok. Tara goes to sleep. Amrita leaves.

Gauri, Chanda and the family are outside the jail. Gopal is brought there, he requests to meet them but the police say his sentence will extend because he was violent in the jail. Gopal says I want to meet my daughter, she was born when I was arrested. They let Chanda to meet Gopal. Gauri stops Chanda and gives her laddos, she asks her to make policemen eat it. Chanda takes it and goes to meet Gopal. She hugs him.

The officer calls Alok and says we have found a girl who was born on the same day as Amrita’s daughter. Alok asks him to take her photo and see if she has a moon mark under her ear. The officer finds the mark on Chanda. He takes it’s photo and sends it to Alok. Alok recalls seeing the same mark on Amrita’s daughter

. He matches the photo with the baby’s photo. He calls the officer and says she is Amrita’s daughter. I am coming there. He turns to see Amrita coming there. Amrita finds photos on the floor, she looks at Chanda’s baby photos and is shocked. She asks what is all this? Alok says it’s related to my work.

He takes the photos from her and says I have some work. Amrita says but I just came here. Alok says I found a person who I have been looking for 7 years. He leaves from there. Amrita goes behind him and says you have to tell me as it’s related to my daughter. Alok says okay, sit in the car.

Chanda makes policemen eat laddos. Gauri gives a hint to Gopal. The policemen take Gopal away. Gopal is in the police car. All policemen start fainting one by one.

Alok shows Chanda’s photos to Amrita and says your baby was exchanged in the hospital, she is your real daughter and her name is Chanda. Her father has been in the jail for years, they are thieves for generations.

Gopal comes out of the police van as they all faint. Gauri arrives there with the family. She hugs him and says let’s go. They all sits in the rickshaw and leave. The policeman wakes up and tries to catch him but can’t. Alok and Amrita arrive there. Alok see all of them unconscious. The officer wakes up and says the man ran away. Amrita asks about the baby. He says that girl was with them.

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