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Sanjog 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 16th September 2022 Amrita enters Gauri’s house and looks around for Chanda but Gopal has already taken Chanda from there. Amrita looks at her necklace and finds Chanda written on the pendent, she cries hugging it.

Gopal comes to Gauri with Chanda and they all try to hide from the police.

Alok is in the village and asks his officers to look for the girl. He comes to Amrita and sees her crying. Amrita says I felt she was here but she isn’t. Alok looks around in the house. Amrita takes Chanda’s beads box with her. She prays Mata Rani to reunite her with her baby.

Rajeev is calling Amrita but she doesn’t pick up, he is angry at her. Alok comes to his car and sees Rajeev calling Amrita’s phone.

Tara wakes up and says I want mom. Rajeev says she will be back here soon. She says how can Amrita be this careless?

Amrita sees a truck leaving the village and screams for Chanda. She runs behind it barefeet. Alok takes a bike and runs behind her. Amrita jumps on the truck. Alok stops the truck, they all look inside but don’t find anyone inside.

Amrita cries and asks him to find Chanda for her. Rajeev calls her, Amrita takes the call and asks what happened? Rajeev says Tara needs you, come back fast. Amrita looks on. Alok asks Amrita to go back home, he will find Chanda.

Gopal and his family are hiding in the jungle. Chanda talks to Gopal, Gauri says let’s not waste time and run. Chanda slips and falls down the cliff but Gopal holds her hand in time. Gopal brings her up. Gauri shouts at Gopal to stop putting his life in danger, she asks if he is okay? Gopal asks Chanda if she is okay? Chanda says I am okay, Gopal hugs her. Gauri is angry with Gopal.

Amrita comes back home. She hears Rajeev saying he will question her when she comes back. Amrita enters the room and asks what happened? Rajini says she fainted and we had to call a doctor. Tara hugs her and says I was scared.

Amrita says I am sorry. Rajeev asks where were you? Tara cries and says I dreamt that you sent me away. Amrita hugs her and says I would never leave you. Rajeev asks where were you? Amrita says I will tell you later. Maasa says just answer him. Amrita asks Tara to take rest, she asks Rajeev to come with her.

Rajeev glares at her and asks where were you? Amrita says Tara is not our daughter. Rajeev is shocked and asks what? Amrita says yes, she is not our daughter, our real daughter’s name is Chanda. Rajeev asks if she has gone crazy? Tara throws a ball at her and says you are saying all this to throw me out of the house.

She starts hitting her head on the wall and faints… it all turns out to be Amrita’s dream. Amrita tells Rajeev that I will tell you later on where I went. Rajini says you can’t even tell your husband where you went? Amrita says sorry to Rajeev and says not right now. He looks on.

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