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Sanjog 23rd August 2022 Maa Sa tells Amrita to decide if she will give birth or someone else. She leaves from there. Alok asks what was she talking about? Amrita says she loves me a lot, we will have a baby soon so everything will be fine.

Gopal, Gauri and others are trying to leave the farmhouse. Security is searching for them. Gauri comes outside the farmhouse and admires it. Gopal says let’s run, they leave from there.

The security head calls Amrita and says some thieves tried to rob the farmhouse but they couldn’t take anything.

At the party, Sanjay says Amrita will say a few words for Rajeev now. Amrita blushes and tells Rajeev that we have been married for 7 years and we still have the same love. I always find support in him, he is my life and I know he loves me a lot. Rajeev hugs her. Sanjay says now it’s Rajeev’s turn.

Rajeev smiles at Amrita and says we have known each other for 7 years. Amrita says 10 years, we knew each other before the marriage. Rajeev says I became a good person because of Amrita. Amrita says I want Rajeev in every life. Rajini tells Maa Sa that she bragged for about 7 years but couldn’t give a baby to him.

At the party, Rajeev and Amrita do a couple’s dance. Hazaron dafa plays as they recall their love story. How Amrita joined his office 10 years ago and they started building a friendship.. Rajeev started liking her and proposed to her later on. They dated for years before getting married.

Maa Sa didn’t like Amrita at first. After the marriage, Rajeev and Amrita’s life was always filled with love. The dance ends, Amrita hugs Rajeev. Lakshita comes there and says we have an important call with a client so I have to take Rajeev away. Amrita says I wouldn’t allow anyone else but it’s you so take him. She asks Rajeev to come back fast. He nods and leaves.

Lakshita hugs Rajeev and starts kissing his neck.

Gauri and her family come back to their small house. Gauri keeps dreaming about the farmhouse. Gopal says we couldn’t steal anything because you were mesmerized by it all. Gauri says you have to think big,

we were born poor but we wouldn’t die poor. She shows a fork and a knife. She says these will keep reminding me that my destination is that farmhouse. She looks at Amrita’s photo that she stole and puts it on the wall.

Gauri says I will be a queen like her one day. Gopal asks her to not dream about things she can’t achieve. You have everything so don’t go crazy for luxuries. Guari says it’s not enough, I want the honor and power like this queen. I will change my fate at any cost. Gopal looks on.

Lakshita tells Rajeev that I can’t see you with Amrita, you love me and we have been together for 3 years so why can’t you tell her? I didn’t want to fall in love with my best friend’s husband but I did. I can’t see you with her anymore.

Rajeev says give me some time. Lakshita says I can’t wait for you to leave her. She is trying for babies too. Rajeev says she tried everything but nothing works. Lakshita says I want you with me.

Rajeev says what do you want me to do? Go and tell the truth to Amrita. Amrita comes there and asks what’s going on? Rajeev says Lakshita said that we have more work so I told her to take your permission. Amrita says he is mine in this house so let’s put office work away, she takes Rajeev from there. Lakshita is angry seeing that.

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