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Sanjog 23rd September 2022 Chanda brings Tara and Amrita to Gauri who is shocked. Chanda says Tara is my friend now and her mother is here. Amrita looks at Gauri and asks if they have met before? Gauri is tense and recalls their first meeting 6 years ago. How Amrita saved her life when she was in labor.

Gauri says I don’t know, we just came to this city some days ago and nobody knows us. She thinks if her brother showed our sketches to her? Amrita says your daughter is very sensitive and nice. Gauri thanks her. Amrita asks her to have food. Tara asks if she can have food with Chandini?

Amrita is reluctant but Tara says she is my friend so please. Amrita says okay. Tara sits with Chanda and Gauri on the floor. They all eat food together. Amrita gets a call from Lakshita. Lakshita says you remember me? Amrita asks where have you been for years? Lakshita says I am in Delhi.

Amrita asks if she has settled there? Lakshita says no, I am coming there tomorrow, how is Rajeev? Amrita says he is fine, I was ask Rajeev to pick you up. Lakshita says no, don’t tell Rajeev as I want to surprise everyone. Amrita says you are coming after years. Lakshita says just don’t tell anyone and also delete my call log. Amrita says okay. Rajini comes there and makes Tara and Chanda’s video.

Rajini shows the video to Rajeev, Maasa shouts how can Amrita allow Tara to have food on the floor with cheap people like these? Rajini shows him the video of Amrita talking on the call. She says she left Tara with beggars so she could talk on the call with someone? Rajeev looks on.

Gauri tells Amrita that I will go now. Tara says I want to stay with Chandini. Gauri says I will bring Chandini tomorrow. Amrita says let them go now. Gauri thanks her and leaves with Chanda.

Amrita enters the house so Rajini asks her to give her a phone. Amrita says why do you need my phone? Rajini says we need to check something. Rajeev asks her to give her phone. Amrita gives her phone but Rajini doesn’t find the call log.

Rajini shows her the video and says you were talking to someone on the call but you deleted the number, who was it? Rajeev asks her who was she talking to on the call? Amrita recalls Lakshita’s promise and says I can’t tell you right now, she leaves from there. Rajeev looks on.

Gauri and Chanda come back to their family. They siset ina hut. Panna asks what did Chanda see in the palace? Chanda says there was a big chandelier and so many toys there. Gopal asks Chanda why do you look sad? Chanda hugs him and asks why do we have to separate? Gopal says I don’t want to but we have to. He asks her to become close friends with the palace girl, then we will all live together. Gauri says we will all go to a big house soon.

Amrita says I should have told Rajeev about Lakshita’s call. Tara comes there and asks why can’t Chandini live here with us? She loved my toys and she has never eaten chocolates. Amrita laughs and says I want her to stay here too, I will talk to your father. Tara asks her to do it. Amrita asks her to promise she will study? Tara says I promise.

Maasa tells Rajeev that Amrita must be having an affair, she is doing all this so you will throw her out of the house and she can go to her lover. Rajini tells Rajeev that I will keep an eye on Amrita.

Amrita comes to her room and calls Lakshita. She says Rajeev was doubting so I am thinking to tell him that you called me. Lakshita says he still doesn’t trust you? You can manage for a day as I am coming there tomorrow. Amrita says okay baby, I will not tell him anything as you are my best friend. She ends the call. Rajini hides and hears all that.

Tara comes to the family, Rajeev asks her to sit on the dining table but Tara takes a plate and sits on the floor. She says I will eat like I did with Chandini. Rajeev gets angry and shouts at Amrita that this is your upbringing? you are making her mingle with cheap people. Maasa says she will make her a roadside cheapster. Rajeev tells Amrita that you are using Tara so you can continue your affair with someone else. Amrita is shocked.

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