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Sanjog 26th September 2022 Rajeev tells Amrita that I can’t trust you anymore so Tara will go to school from now on. You are having an affair that’s why you are lying about Tara. Amrita is shocked. Rajeev asks why are you silent now? Are you thinking of making up another story? Since when do you have an affair? Amrita looks on.

Chanda and Gauri are alone in the tent. Chanda says I want to meet Bapu. Gauri says you will meet your friend tomorrow and your father too. Just pray to Mata Rani that we can earn money and then you can stay with your father.

Tara is sleeping, Amrita tells Rajeev that the pooja preparations are done. Amrita gets Lakshita’s call but she ends it as Rajeev is there. Lakshita calls her again so he asks her to put the phone on speaker. Amrita takes the call and put it on speaker. Lakshita says I am sorry for calling you at this time, I was thinking of buying clothes for Rajeev so tell me if he is still handsome? Amrita says I will call you later on, she ends the call.

Rajeev thinks Lakshita is still excited about me? He says you should have told me that you were talking to Lakshita. Amrita says she wanted to surprise you so she asked me to not tell you, she goes to sleep. Rajeev goes away and looks at Lakshita’s photo, he thinks she hasn’t changed even after years. He sadly looks at Tara.

In the morning, Amrita is preparing for Mata Rani’s pooja. Maasa and Rajini come there too. Rajeev tells them that I know who Amrita was talking to, we were wrong about her. Amrita does aarti with him and thanks Mata Rani for protecting her relationship.

Chanda comes to Gauri and says I have Mata Rani’s idol, where should I put it?

Amrita thanks Rajeev and says you might scold me but you still love me a lot, I was surprised to see you jealous and insecure for me. It shows your love. If I was in your place then I would have reacted worse, nobody can come between us, I just pray for our love to stay like this. Rajeev looks on.

Lakshita gets ready in a s*xy red saree. She says I never fasted but I am fasting because I want Rajeev back. He might have married Amrita but he is mine, we are made for each other.

Tara comes to Rajeev and Amrita. He says I love you my daughter. Tara says my friend is coming so I am excited.

All family members do Mata’s pooja. Rajeev and Amrita do pooja together. Amrita prays to meet Chanda soon.

Chanda asks Gauri when will we go to Tara’s house? Gauri says we will go there in half an hour.

Tara is sad that Chanda hasn’t come yet. Rajeev says don’t be sad, she might be busy with something. Tara says you can take me to meet her then. Rajeev says we can’t go to anyone’s house like this.

Gauri arrives outside Rajeev’s house. She is called inside on Rajeev’s order. Gauri stares at the palace and comes inside. She looks around and is mesmerized to see a mega mansion. Amrita comes there and gives her parsad but Gauri says she is fasting. Amrita asks where is Chandini? Gauri says she can’t come as we have a pooja too.

Tara asks if she can come to her house then? Gauri says I have a small house. Tara says it’s okay. Maasa says she is my grand-daughter so she won’t go to a small house. Tara says I want to meet her. Rajeev asks Gauri to bring her Mata Rani’s idol here only and we can do the pooja together. Gauri smirks and thinks my plan is working.

Gauri and Chanda are ready to go to Tara’s house but it starts raining heavily.

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