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Sanjog 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 27th September 2022 The heavy rains start so Chanda and Gauri hide under the tent. Gauri puts plastic over Mata Rani’s idol and they start going to Amrita’s house. Tara is waiting for them and smiles seeing them. She rushes to Amrita and says Chandini is here, she rushes to her in the rain and says I was waiting for you.

Gauri says let’s go inside. Chandini gives the idol to Tara. They both hold it together and start going to the house. The plastic is about to slip from Gauri’s hand but Amrita comes there and holds it. They both bring Tara and Chanda in the house. Rajveer says Tara got drenched in rain. Maasa says she got wet for cheap people like them.

Tara takes the idol to the mandir and puts it there. Chandini and Tara pray to Mata Rani. Maasa is angry seeing beggars in her house. Amrita asks Tara to dry her hair. Gauri looks around and thinks I am finally here, I just want Gopal and the family to come here. Gopal hides outside the palace and says now Gauri-Chanda will stay here for at least 9 days, they will be safe.

Amrita asks Tara to change her clothes. Tara says Chandini will come with me. Rajini brings some clothes and toiletries there, she insults Gauri and asks her to take a shower otherwise she can’t stay with them. Gauri says I will do as you say. Maasa asks them to leave.

Rajeev is waiting for Lakshita. Maasa comes there and says you shouldn’t have allowed some beggars in the house, they might be thieves or robbers. They might harm Tara too. Rajeev asks Rajini to keep an eye on them. Amrita brings Gauri and Chanda there. Rajeev interogates her and asks about her family.

Gauri says it’s only me and my daughter. Rajeev asks Chanda about her father’s name, she says it’s Gopal… I mean Gaurav. Rajeev asks if she has her ID card with her? Gauri says we don’t have it, if you have some doubt on us then we will leave. Tara says Chandini won’t go anywhere, I have called my schoolmates and Chandini will take their class. Gauri tells Rajeev that I promise on my daughter that I never did anything wrong.

Rajini says then you can go to the police station and do your verification. Amrita says that’s not needed, a mother can never promise on her daughter and lie about it. I will take gaurantee of them, we have insulted them before which is wrong. She tells Maasa that you have no right to insult them just because they are poor. Gauri smiles hearing that.

The function starts in Amrita’s house. Chanda sees Mata Rani’s crown is about to fall, she takes a ladder and holds it just in time. All family members look on. Maasa says she stopped a bad omen from happening. Rajini hides behind the ladder and pushes it.

Chanda is about to fall but Gauri and Amrita run to save her. Amrita saves her in time. She hugs her and asks if she is okay? Chanda nods. Amrita finds a moon mark on her neck and recalls Alok’s words that her real daughter had the same mark. She thinks if this her real daughter Chanda?

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