Sanjog 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sanjog 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 28th September 2022 Amrita finds a moon mark on Chandini’s neck. Gauri takes Chanda away from her and asks if she is okay? Chanda nods. Gauri thanks Amrita. Tara thanks Amrita and calls her Mama.

Chanda says thank you, mama. Maasa says don’t call her mama, she is Tara’s mom only. Chanda says sorry to Amrita. Amrita says let’s take Mata’s blessings. She thanks Mata Rani for reuniting her with her daughter. Now I have both my daughters with me. Tara and Chanda wipe her tears.

A Guruji comes to Maasa’s house. Maasa gave him money earlier. The Guruji enters the house and looks at Amrita. He blesses her, Maasa goes to bring refreshments for him. Amrita tells Guruji that you were right 8 years ago, I have found both my daughters. Guruji says I came here because there is trouble in the future, your time is going to be filled with problems moving forward. Amrita says I will face anything for my daughters.

Tara introduces Chanda to her uptight friends. They all make fun of her, a girl challenges her for an arm wrestling match. Chanda plays and wins it, Tara gets happy.

Maasa comes to guruji and says Tara has become friends with some beggars, she introduces Gauri to him. Guruji blesses Tara and Chandini. He tells Gauri that this girl brings lakshmi and good fate in the house. He asks Maasa to let the girl stay here.

Amrita comes to the kitchen and thinks of cooking somethin for Chanda. She thinks if Chandini is my daughter then where did I see Minakshi (Gauri). She recalls the accident 8 years ago and says Gauri is Minakshi. They are thieves, I have to be careful.

Rajeev starts gyming and says I have to be fit for Lakshita.

Amrita asks Tara to get ready for dinner. Gauri and Chanda comeing to the dining room. Rajini asks them to sit on the floor in the corner and eat there. Amrita comes there and thinks I can’t tell the family about Gauri otherwise she will run away with my daughter. She says why are they sitting on the floor?

Maasa says they are beggars so don’t worry. Gauri says it’s okay, we are habituated to sitting on the floor. Amrita tells Rajeev that if Tara sees this then she will sit on the floor, do you want them to sit with us or allow Tara to sit on the floor? Tara comes there and sits on the floor with Chanda, she says I will eat with them.

Rajeev sees that and says they will eat with us. Gauri smirks and sits on a dining chair a like a queen. Chanda says I am fasting so I can’t eat. Amrita smiles and says she is very different. Tara asks how can I fast? I am strong too. Gauri says I am fasting too. She looks at all the food items. Amrita brings fruits for them.

Amrita asks Rajeev if they should give the guest room to Minakshi and Chandini? Maasa says you want them to own this house now? Rajeev thinks Lakshita might arrive and says some guests might arrive so don’t give them the guest room. Maasa asks Manju to take them to the kitchen, they will sleep there on the floor. Amrita looks on.

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