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Sanjog 29th August 2022 Rajeev tells Amrita that he doesn’t love her anymore, he says I want freedom from you now. All are shocked. Amrita says don’t say that, we can rectify the mistakes. Rajeev says no, this is the end for us and our relationship. I want a divorce. All are shocked hearing that. Rajeev leaves from there.

Amrita runs behind him. Lakshita is in the car and enters the house. Amrita cries and tells Rajeev to not punish her like this. Rajeev says it’s not a punishment, I am tired of seeing your want for a baby.

Alok says at least listen to her. Amrita says if you don’t want a baby then I won’t pray for it. Why are you saying all this suddenly? Rajeev says I have been trying to save this relationship but all you care about is a baby. Amrita says my life revolves around you, I want for you all the time.

Rajeev says that’s what you think but now I can’t be with you. I want a divorce. Alok tries to stop him. Amrita is in shock and recalls him saying that he wants a divorce.. She suddenly feels dizzy and faints. Rajeev and Alok rush to her. Rajeev holds her and pleads with her to wake up. Alok says I will bring the car. Rajeev holds her in his arms and puts her in Alok’s car. Lakshita sees all that.

Gopal, Gauri and her family are running away from the gang but Gauri faints suddenly. Gopal rushes to her and asks her to wake up, what happened? He asks his mother to leave with the kids. Gopal hides Gauri in the bushes so the goons can’t see them.

Rajeev and Alok bring Amrita to the hospital. She is taken to the treatment room. Alok shouts at Rajeev and says if anything happens to my sister then I won’t spare you. Maa Sa and Rajini come there too. Alok says Rajeev spit too much taunts to her. Maa Sa says Amrita is our daughter in law still so don’t fight here, let’s just do what’s right for her. She asks Rajeev to step back.

Gopal brings Gauri to the clinic. The doctor asks if she ate anything? Gopal gets angry and says she is my queen. She is well taken care of. He pleads with Gauri to wake up once. He shouts at the doctor to bring her to life. The doctor asks him to calm down, let me check.

Alok tells Maa Sa that you people are hypocrites, you just see Amrita as a baby making machine but if anything happens to Amrita then I won’t spare you people. Sanjay says we are all with Amrita.

Rajini sits with Maa Sa and says you were right to ask for a heir, I have 2 kids so they can be heirs of your house. Rajeev always wanted a daughter so I can my daughter Ishita to you people. You can take my kids if you want.

The doctor comes out of the room and says we need to do some tests. Alok gets a call from his officer that he has a tip against the thieves. Lakshita arrives at the hospital. Rajeev stops her but she says I am here for Amrita, she is my friend too. Maa Sa comes there and asks who told you she is not well?

Gopal is crying for Gauri and asks her to wake up. Gauri starts waking up and murmurs about the loot. Gopal laughs and says I got so worried, we have all the things with us. Gauri says I am fine. Gopal asks her to take rest. They hear a knock on the door. They all hide. The doctor opens the door, some goons about Gopal and Gauri.

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