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Sanjog 2nd September 2022 Lakshita comes to the police station and Alok sees her, he asks if everything is okay? She sits with him and says I want to file a report against a person who cheated me, he promised to marry me but cheated on me. Alok asks if Amrita knows about it? Lakshita says I can’t tell her because the person who cheated me is Rajeev. Alok is shocked.

Amrita comes to the room and asks him to have breakfast, he goes to change but Alok calls him and says Lakshita is here so come right now. She wants to file a complaint against you. Rajeev is shocked. Alok asks him to not tell anything to Amrita. He ends the call and says Alok wants to meet me, she says I will come with you. Rajeev says I can’t take you right now, I will tell you later on. He leaves.

Gopal and Gauri are going to rob another place with their gang. The gang members say you won’t get anything and we can’t take Gauri there, she doesn’t listen. Gopal asks Gauri to please listen to him, I am begging you. Gauri is angry but stays back, Gopal leaves with the gang.

Rajeev comes to the police station and finds Lakshita and Alok there. Rajeev says this Lakshita is lying. Lakshita says you are a liar, you can’t deny our relationship. Alok asks them to shut up, he says you both cheated Amrita, he tells Rajeev that Amrita is going to be a mother of your child and you were doing all this?

Now I know why you wanted to divorce Amrita, you wanted to live with Lakshita but now you are having a heir so you left Lakshita? Lakshita says yes. He asks her to shut up, you both are wrong. He tells Lakshita that Amrita took you as her sister and you did this with her? You both should be ashamed.

Rajeev asks him to calm down and think about Amrita. Alok says my sister had to bear so much at your house but now you want me be silent when you have been cheating on her? He asks them to get lost. Rajeev says please listen to me, I have ended everything with Lakshita, just trust me. Alok says you are talking about trust? You cheated on my sister for this girl but now she is filing a complaint agianst you. He arrests Rajeev and puts him in the cell.

Amrita is sitting alone and talks to her baby. She says your father will love you a lot. She thinks to call Alok.

Gauri and Gopal come back home. Gopal says I told you to not come with us but you didn’t listen to me. Gauri says why should I stay back? why did you listen to those people? Gopal says he was not wrong.

Gauri says he didn’t even want to give us our share. Gopal says you are pregnant, we couldn’t put you in danger. Gauri throws things around and shouts that we can’t feed our kids so kill us all now. Gopal is sad and hugs her to console her.

Alok is putting Rajeev in the cell but Lakshita says I am taking my complaint back so leave him. Alok stops and says he can’t be saved like this, I will file a case against you both now. Rajeev says don’t take this forward, think about Amrita, she can’t be stressed in this condition. Alok sits down and thinks about it. Lakshita says you know Amrita will lose everything if she knows about it.

Rajeev says you are her brother so think about her and the baby. Alok glares at him and recalls the doctor saying she shouldn’t be stressed. Alok says you have tonight only, if this girl is seen around you again then I will file a case against you. Amrita comes there and says what? All are shocked to see her there. Amrita asks what’s going on here? No one was picking up my call.

Rajeev says we were discussing about a robbery. Amrita asks Alok if everything is fine? Alok says he is right, it was about a robbery but everything is fine now. I am with you so no one can hurt you. Rajeev says we should go now. Alok says I will drop Lakshita off. Rajeev takes Amrita from there. Alok tells Lakshita to stay away from Amrita now.

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