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Sanjog 31st August 2022 Amrita is in her hospital room when Rajeev comes there and asks if she is happy? Amrita says the thing is that you are not happy, I used to talk about spending my 7 lives with you but you took 7 minutes to say that you don’t love me,

tell me if you don’t love me then I won’t bind you with this baby, you will be the father but you don’t have to be with me. I can raise this baby alone too. Rajeev says I am sorry, we can make a life together but it will take some time.

Amrita says I will try my best, I have got what I always wanted. Rajeev nods and smiles, he says congrats you are going to be a mother. Amrita says congrats you are going to be a father. Rajeev hugs her.

Maasa asks the doctors when can we take her back home? He says she has to stay here till reports come back. Rajeev asks the family to leave and he will stay with Amrita. They all leave. Rajeev asks Amrita to take rest. She smiles at him and goes to sleep.

Lakshita is looking at her and Rajeev’s photos, she says I love him so much and I can’t believe he will be mine after 3 years.

Some goons come outside Gauri’s house. Gopal opens the door and asks what happened? He says the police is coming so run away. Gopal, Gauri and their family start running from there. Alok arrives there with his police force and looks around. He enters Gauri’s house and is about to find Amrita’s photo there but gets distracted.

Scene 2
Rajeev arrives at Lakshita’s house, she hugs him and says you told everything to Amrita today so I am happy now. She asks why do you look stressed? Is Amrita fine? Rajeev recalls Amrita’s words that she will try to rebuild their relationship.

Alok and his force are looking around for Gopal and Gauri. Gopal and Gauri disguise as some farmers. Alok says they must have run away just some time ago.

Rajeev tells Lakshita that everything is fine. Lakshita hugs him and says Amrita is my best friend too and I feel bad for her, we took away her life. When she finds out about our affair, she won’t be able to forgive us. Rajeev says please let me talk… she says no, we will just relax for now. He nods.

Gopal, Gauri and family members come back to their house after the police leave. Some neighbors come there and tease Gopal for having another baby. Gopal starts dancing with the villagers. Gauri looks on. His mother tells her that this is our world,

we can’t go to another world, stop dreaming about leaving this village, this is your fate. Just be happy with what you have. She leaves from there. Gauri comes back home and finds Amrita’s photo on the floor and broken. She looks at it and is determined.

Lakshita brings wine for Rajeev and says I have a surprise for you. She comes back wearing a s*xy nightie but Rajeev keeps thinking about Amrita. He recalls how she found the nightie. Lakshita says Amrita kept it but it’s for me. She sits on his lap and kiss him.

The doctor tells Amrita that she can be discharged today. Amrita asks about Rajeev but he is not there.

Rajeev gets dressed at Lakshita’s house and finds Amrita calling him. He feels bad.

Maasa calls Amrita and asks where is Rajeev? Amrita says he went to the washroom, she ends the call and says I lied to her but where did Rajeev go? I should get my discharge done and message him. She messages that she has to pick him up. She thinks to meet Lakshita before going home.

Lakshita brings tea for Rajeev and hugs him.

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