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Sanjog 5th September 2022 The doctor checks Amrita’s reports. Maasa asks if the baby is okay? The doctor says there is a spot in baby’s brain. All are shocked. Amrita says my baby is fine. Maasa asks what does that mean? The doctor says the baby might have life-long brain issues, I think you should terminate this pregnancy, this is a rare case.

Maasa cries and says why does this happen with us? Rajeev asks if there is a way to save the baby? The doctor says that the baby will have issues. Amrita says nothing will happen to my baby, my baby will come to this world and will live a good life.

Gauri looks at the canisters and says we have no food. Our kids are crying, Gopal comes there and says trust God so don’t worry. He brings some food, she says this is not enough for the 5 of us. Gopal says I had food with my friends so don’t worry about me. Guari glares at him and says don’t fool me, if you had food with your friends then take our kids there too.

Amrita tells the doctor that my baby is my life, if I am fine then my baby will be fine too, nothing will happen to my baby, your medical science can’t beat my faith in God, she leaves from there. The nurse says it was a miracle that she conceived so maybe her faith will win this time too.

Gopal and Gauri enter a big house to rob with their gang. Gauri tries to open the gate but the alarm goes off, they all run from there. Gauri tries to run but slips and falls down. Gopal rushes back to her, Gauri sees guards coming there. Gopal lifts her in his arms and runs from there before they can stop them.

Amrita talks to her baby and says my baby is strong, nothing will happen to it. Her servant comes there and gives her a sacred thread, she says nothing will happen to your baby. Amrita says my baby is blessed by God. Maasa and Rajini hear her. Rajini says she is half crazy, I don’t think she can give birth.

Gopal comes back home with Gauri. His mother says you are not fine, they call a doctor. She checks Gauri and says she seems fine. Gauri says I am okay, I can do anything. His mother says don’t play with your baby’s life.

The gang leader shouts at Gopal and says your wife got us in trouble. Gopal tells the gang leader that Gauri won’t come with us from now on. Gauri is shocked. She looks at Amrita’s photo sadly.

Amrita and the family come to the doctor’s clinic. She says Amrita doesn’t need an abortion, her baby is fine now. Amrita and others are surprised. Amrita says I knew it, Rajeev hugs her. Maasa looks on. Alok says Amrita’s faith won.

9 months later:
Amrita and Rajeev are sleeping. She hears a baby crying and wakes up. Amrita looks around the house and sees someone taking her baby.

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