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Sanjog 6th September 2022 9 months later, Amrita dreams of someone stealing her baby.. she wakes up and is scared. Rajeev wakes up and says everything is fine. Amrita says someone took away my baby. Rajeev says your baby is with you so don’t worry. He asks her to sleep and hugs her.

In the morning, Maasa starts Amrita’s baby shower. Amrita is worried about her baby’s health. She recalls doctor’s words that her baby doesn’t have a brain spot anymore.

Gauri is staring at Amrita’s photo and cleaning it. Gopal comes there and tries to talk to her but she ignores him. Gopal says I want to take you somewhere. Mata Rani’s mandir will fulfill your wishes.

Amrita tells Maasa that I promised to go to the mandir to pray for my baby’s health. Maasa says you are 9 months pregnant so I can’t allow you. Amrita says I promised Mata Rani so I have to go. Rajeev says okay, we will go there tomorrow.

Scene 2
The next day, Amrita arrives at Mata Rani’s mandir with her family. Gauri also arrives there with Gopal and her family. Amrita prays in the mandir. Amrita prays to protect her baby. Gauri prays to get a life like that queen (Amrita).

Maasa prays for a baby boy and offers gold bangles for Mata Rani. The priest says no wordly thing can impress Mata Rani. Amrita says I just want to pray for my baby’s health. The priest blesses her. Amrita leaves before Gauri can see her.

Gauri is leaving the mandir but a sage stops her and says you will be Yashoda and Devika both. Amrita asks what does he mean? he says baby’s fate is linked with it’s mother’s. He says you will have 2 babies. Amrita says reports don’t say that.

The sage says your fate lines can’t be wrong, your fate has two kids. Amrita looks on. The sage tells her that those gold bangles will be for her baby only. Amrita is confused. The sage asks Amrita to be careful as fates can entwin easily.

Gauri prays in the mandir and offers laddos to Mata Rani. She prays to her and steals the bangles that Maasa put there.

Rajeev is leaving the mandir with Amrita but she says I have some work. Gauri is leaving the mandir with her Amrita’s bangles but it falls from her hands. She runs behind them and is about to fall down but Amrita comes there and holds her. Gauri is shocked to see her and thinks she is the queen from the photo.

Amrita asks if she is okay? she bends to check if she is okay. Gauri keeps staring at her. Maasa comes there and asks Amrita to not bend for a woman like her. Amrita says she is pregnant. Maasa says just care for your baby and let’s go, she leaves from there. Amrita asks Gauri to not feel bad about her words.

Rajeev comes there and takes Amrita away. Gopal comes there and takes the bangles. Gauri says I met the queen from the photo. Gopal says you shouldn’t have stolen from the mandir. Gauri says I did it for my kids. The priest finds out about the bangles and asks his men to catch them. Gauri and Gopal run from there.

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