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Sanjog 7th September 2022 Gauri, Gopal and their family are running away from the mandir after stealing the bangles. Gopal says you put us in a problem every time. He asks his mother to take the kids and sit in the back of the truck. She does. Gauri and Gopal sit in the front. Gopal drives away.

Rajeev, Amrita and Maasa are in the car. Amrita calls Alok and tells him about the sage’s prediction. She says he told us to focus on our future otherwise our fate will mingle with someone else. Gopal’s truck is coming towards them and his brakes fail.

Rajeev tries to stop the car but they hit the truck and get into an accident. Amrita is awake and asks Rajeev if he is fine? She says yes. Rajeev asks her to get out of the car. Alok is on the call, Maasa takes the call and says we had an accident, we need help. Alok says send me the location, I am coming there. In the truck,

Gauri and Gopal are unconscious. Gopal’s mother screams for help. Amrita says she needs help. Gopal’s mother says she is pregnant. Amrita tells Rajeev that we have to help them. She opens the truck door and asks Gauri if she is fine? Gauri wakes up and is surprised to see her. Rajeev brings Gauri out of the truck as Gopal is still unconscious.

Amrita tells Gauri that everything will be fine. Gauri is crying in pain. Rajeev stops a truck and asks him to take his wife to the hospital. Amrita says this woman will come with me. She holds Gauri’s hand and they both sit in the truck. Rajeev goes with them. Gopal’s mother wakes him up and says they took Gauri to the hospital, let’s go.

Amrita and Gauri are brought to the hospital. They are both crying in pain and are in labor. Rajeev and Maasa are there. They are taken to the operation room together. Rajeev takes Maasa to get her bandaged. Maasa asks him to go and see if her heir is fine.

Gopal and his mother try to enter the hospital but they see Alok coming there with his force. He asks his mother to stay back.

Gauri and Amrita are in labor. The doctors are treating them. Amrita and Gauri give birth at the same time. The doctor tells Amrita that she has a baby girl. Gauri faints after looking at her baby.

Alok comes outside the OT, the nurse brings the baby out and says this is Amrita’s daughter. Alok takes the baby in his hands and smiles. Alok finds a mark under her ear and asks about it. The nurse says it’s a birth mark.

Alok says she is so pretty. The nurse takes the baby away. Another nurse brings out Gauri’s baby. Gopal hides and looks at the baby. Alok leaves from there. The nurse comes to him and asks him to sign the papers, he says I can’t as I am uneducated. Rajeev comes there and signs papers for him.

Gopal thinks he needs to see Gauri. He goes behind the OT and enters from the window. Amrita is on the otherside of the room. Gopal waks Gauri up and says the baby is fine, lets go from here. Gauri and Gopal leave from there before Amrita could see them. Amrita finds Gauri gone from the OT.

Gopal brings Gauri behind the hospital and asks if she is fine? She nods. Gopal tells his mother that he will bring their baby now. Gauri says the police might catch you. Gopal says it’s our daughter there so I have to bring the baby from there, don’t worry about me. Gauri looks on.

The nurse comes to the OT and asks Amrita to lie down. Amrita says the lady is gone. Where is my baby? The nurse says I will bring your baby, she makes her lie down.

Gauri tells Gopal that I can bear losing my daughter but if I lose you then I won’t be able to live. Gopal says you won’t lose anyone, you will get me and our daughter both. I am coming back in a bit. He leaves from there. Gauri looks on.

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